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The Nervous System Board Game

No description

Giuliana Richwood

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of The Nervous System Board Game

The Nervous System Board Game
This is the nervous system board game!
*How to play: since we don't have dice we move by every two spaces. click on the arrows at the bottom of the screen.
* What happens if you land on a space that says something or has a ladder on it: you can just ignore the spaces that have writing on them if you want, and you can use the ladders or slides if you land on one.
The maximum of the players is 2-4.
You will alternate turns every space.
what part of the brain controls; balance, and coordination?
*hint the brain stem is directly below this part of the brain*
*the cerebellum controls your balance and your muscle memory, that's why you don't have to relearn how to ride a bike every time you use one.*
*Question* what are the three major organs in the nervous system?
*The Brain, Spine, and Nerves are the main organs/parts in the CNS (central nervous system).*
What does the preripheral part of the nervous system do for the CNS?
*answer* It controls all the cells.
Move Forward one space
What is the CNS?
The brain/ spine/ nerves
work together to function or alert the body.
What is an impulse?
It is a electronic signal that travels along an axon.
What is an axon?
An Axon is a threadlike part of a nerve cell where impulses are conducted
from the cell body to other
What is the part of the brain controls imagination and reality?
It is the Cerebrum!
The cerebrum controls imagination/reality.
What does the brain stem do for the nervous system?
The Brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord. It controls the nerves and other automatic functions. (like breathing)
What is the Nervous systems job?
It's job is to send and receive messages.
What is a synapse?
A synapse is the junction between two nerve cells.
How fast can the nervous system respond/transmit (to) signals?
It can respond/transmit (to) signals at 100 meters per second!!!!
How many neurons are in the human brain?
Their are more than 100 billion in count! That's more than all the people on earth!!!
(Earths pop. 7 billion)
What is one disease that can occur in the nervous system?
One disease that can occur in the nervous system is Akinesia is where you can't move!
What are neurons?
Neurons are specialized cell that transmits nerve impulses. ( a nerve cell)
How fast can neurons grow?
Neurons grow at the rate of 250,000 per. minute in a child developing in the womb!!!
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