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NEW ICH World Map

UK's International Conversation Hour- our members plotted on a world map!

anthony miller

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of NEW ICH World Map

Double click anywhere & add an idea Anthony Miller Cassie Hardin Kristina Murray Cassie is an International Studies major from Lexington, Kentucky Kristina is a Psychology major from Los Angeles, California. Melissa Santacruz Melissa is from Cali, Colombia and works as an Au Pair in Lexington. Maria Losada Maria is from Cali, Colombia and will soon be taking English classes at UK. Marciel Stadnik Marciel is from Florianopolis, Brazil and would like to visit Washington, D.C. while in the U.S. Claudia Flores Claudia is from Florianopolis, Brazil. She came to UK to work on a research project. Daniele Scopece Daniele is from Milan, Italy. He will be in the U.S. 6 months and would like to visit a few major cities while here. Ibrahim Yucedag Ibrahim is from Mardin, Turkey. He researches Microelectronics at UK and likes the friendliness of Lexington. Olga Kelemen Olga is from Budapest, Hungary. She is a biologist at UK and would like to explore the U.S. while she is here. Waqar Khan Waqar is from Pakistan. He is a Electrical Engineering junior and would like to visit MIT and Harvard while he is here. Chen Zhefeng "Jeff" Jeff is from Guangzhou, China. He is an electrical engineering junior. Li Qin Qin is from Jin Shu, China. She is pursuing a Masters in Mining Engineering. She would like to explore a few major U.S. cities before she leaves. Fang Yan "Jerry" Jerry is from Jiangsu, China. He is a Computer Engineering Junior. He would liek to travel around the U.S. but also looks forward to going home! Wang Zhenzhou Zhenzhou is ffrom Qingdao, China. He is a Post-Doctorate scholar at UK. He enjoys Lexington's recreational activities and friendly people.
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