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Ideas Matter - Do Your Dance

Entry for the Prezi and TED 'Ideas Matter' competition. Based on the TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert "Your Elusive Creative Genius"

Judit Klein

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Ideas Matter - Do Your Dance

Artist Allah, Allah, Allah! is too much responsibility for one fragile human psyche. To be a Genius Creative people across all genres have a group reputation as mentally unstable
alcoholic manic depressives Every one of my books has killed me a little more. " " - Norman Mailer We've accepted the notion of creativity and suffering as interlinked Creative young minds taken at their own hands, undone by their own gift. Are you comfortable with that? Are you comfortable with that? do you keep doing the work that you love? do you manage the inherent emotional risks of creativity? do we keep our great creative minds alive? I have a creative genius. Allah, Allah, Allah! That's God, that's God! Ole,
ole! Incomprehensible Magnificent A glimpse of God. There it is. A protective psychological construct where creativity is a divine attendant spirit. HOW Creativity as collaboration conversation & to you loan on , from some unimaginable source
, for some exquisite portion of your life To be Passed on to someone else. Historically, we called it by its name: Magic Bravo That's God, that's God! Magic Bravo Incomprehensible Magnificent Impossible Impossible Ole,
ole! My lifelong love and fascination... My profession is... Poet Writer Musician Dancer I am a ... There it is. A glimpse of God. Externalise your creative genius through you , whether it , or flows , however it flows hurtles hurtles at you across a field lives in your walls... lives Your elusive creative genius. in the divine cock eyed Trust genius assigned to your case. Do your Follow your Passion dance and Ole! to you. Your elusive creative genius. Based on the TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert http://bit.ly/Z9OksS Prezi by Judit Klein Based on the TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert http://bit.ly/Z9OksS Image sources:
http://iadonna.deviantart.com/art/Magical-Landscape-premade-background-341175064 Music: 'The Swan' by Michael Dulin - http://aurl.in/w26019 Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
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