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Medical Studies at the University of Santo Thomas

life, works, and writings of Rizal

ardy ard

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of Medical Studies at the University of Santo Thomas

Chapter V:
Medical Studies at the University of Santo Tomas (1877-1882) Rizal Enters the UNIVERSITY
Cont. Romances With Other Girls Cont. - LEONOR VALENZUELA LEONOR RIVERA VICTIM OF SPANISH OFFICER’S BRUTALITY ROMANCES WITH OTHER GIRLS Father Pablo Ramon FINISHES SURVEYING COURSE IN ATENEO 1878 2 reasons enrolled Philosophy and Letters why he 2 courses enrolled at UST RIZAL ENTERS THE UNIVERSITY Mother’s Opposition to Higher Education 2 courses enrolled at UST Philsophy and Letters (1877 – 1878)
Medicine -          Don Francisco and Paciano wanted Jose to pursue higher learning
-          Dona Teodora opposed this -          April 1877, Rizal at 16 years old, entered University of Santo Tomas -His father liked it
-He was not sure what career to pursue -Rector of the Ateneo, Rizal asked for advice on the choice of career
-Rizal studied Cosmology, Metaphysics, Theodicy, and History of Philosophy

He took up a medical course 1878-1879 because:

-he followed Ateneo Rector’s advice
-wanted to be able to cure his mother’s growing blindness - He took a vocational course in Ateneo during his first term in UST
- The course lead to the title perito agrimensor (expert surveyor)
- He passed the final examination at the age of 17
- He was granted the title on November 25, 1881
-   His loyalty to Ateneo continued

President of the Academy of Spanish Literature
Secretary of the Academy of Natural Sciences
Secretary of the Marian Congregation - SEGUNDA KATIGBAK
14 yr. old Batanguena and engaged to Manuel Luz

-          “MISS L”
A girl with seductive eyes
The romance died a natural death because:

The sweet memory of Segunda was still fresh in his heart
His father did not like the family of “Miss L” -Daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday Valenzuela, their neighbors who were from Pagsanjan, Laguna
-Her pet name was “Orang”
-Rizal sent notes to her made with invisible ink (salt solution) Jose boarded in Casa Tomasina (No. 6 Calle Santo Tomas, Intramuros)
-Daughter of his landlord-uncle from Camiling, Antonio Rivera
-She was a student at La Concordia College, also the school of Soledad, Jose’s youngest sister
-Born in Camiling, Tarlac on April 11, 1867
-She used the name “Taimis” in her letters to Rizal -
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