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2.06 Aging

No description

Malik Chaney

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of 2.06 Aging

gender perceptions of aging
Barnett and Von Rohr surveyed college students to see the perspectives young men and women have on the elderly through surveys and drawing a picture of an elderly person. Their experiment yielded results showing us that in general women view the elderly more positive by not drawing walking aids as well as adding a smile on the elderly persons face. the students usually drew a picture of the same sex as they are
embracing opposites
Fisher, Norberg, and Lundman collected 15 85 year old people to share their opinion on growing old. They found that it is mostly about accepting what is happening to your body such as weakness, but embracing it. Also there was the connections with those not only with you, but those lost along the way and establishing connections in order to not feel discouraged or worthless. Lastly there is the memories and wisdom the memories bring and passing the wisdom along to the beloved grand children.
2.06 Aging
Gender perceptions of aging and embracing opposites were different in their approach on how people look at aging. The authors of each experiment chose much different age groups to complete their experiments, giving much different results and perspectives. With gender perspectives of aging using college students and embracing opposites using 85 year old people.
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