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Dr. Marzano

Philosophies of Teaching - Philosopher

Jennifer Campbell

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Dr. Marzano

Critics: "Abusing Research: The Study of Homework and Other Examples"
By Alfie Kohn
Claimed that Marzano's claim of homework was that“'research proves' homework raises student achievement, teaches self-discipline, etc."
Upon checking the sources listed, none were founded. Instructional Practices Toolbox Philosophical Beliefs: "Overall effectiveness in teaching must be
defined in terms of the one indisputable
criterion for success – student learning."
- DR. ROBERT MARZANO *Teacher turned researcher *30 books & 150+ articles Dr. Robert Marzano Philosopher Presentation
By: Jennifer Campbell *translates current theories and research into usable classroom practices and programs Topics range from:
*writing and implementing standards
*effective leadership
*school intervention
*performance-based incentives In his classrooms, Dr. Marzano saw the benefit of the research he did... and fell in love with the process of the research itself. 2007-2008: In partnership with Solution Tree, Dr. Marzano founded Marzano Research Laboratory, and is a continuous name in educational practices. Approximately 20 years researching for McREL (Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory), then founded the Marzano & Associates in 2001. After approximately 14 years teaching in various capacities (high school / college), he began researching full-time and hasn't looked back. Interactive White Boards
Said IWB's, used frequently, significantly improved classroom learning; the study was sponsored by Promethean, which is a WB company.
End conclusion: with/without IWB's, those who are Best Practices teachers are going to be so with or without the technology. Sources:




Books- "What Works in Schools" and "School Leadership that Works"

video: http://tinyurl.com/crjl4zm

http://www.marzanoresearch.com/documents/RacetotheTopWhitepaper_Marzano.pdf High-Yield
After a decade of Marzano's best practices, there are still failing schools.
Instruction, classroom management, and assessment... without focus on all three, success is elusive?
When observations happen, teachers are marked non-compliant, even though not everything can be done within a short time period.
Not every practice works for every classroom. Impact on Education Instructional Toolkit... we need to provide teachers with multiple skills to effectively teach... Teacher Observations... did a lot of research to help administrators be able to have a checklist of items to look for during a set walk-through time in a classroom.
*by some critics, lovingly called a pain in the assessment... Common Core / Standards & Grading "View School Data. It’s one thing to hope the research works, but it’s another thing to see it in action." -from Marzano website Teacher growth leads to student achievement Other Modern Names: Willard Daggett: Rigor & Relevance

Ruby Payne: Understanding Poverty

Doug Fisher & Nancy Frey: Gradual Release of Responsibility as well as... #1 #2 #3 #4
#5 #6 #7 #8
#9 #10 #11 #12
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