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What factor(s) influence musical taste?

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Annie Kong

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of What factor(s) influence musical taste?

Methodology This research was able to collect data through numerous interviews, then surveys. Methodology Research Findings Personality Childhood Annie Kong The surveys were conducted after the data from the interviews were collected and organized.

40 people(that was not interviewed) were surveyed. It asked questions based on the factor(s) that was found most influential. What factor(s) influence musical taste? Introduction The research was conducted based on the three most likely factors involved in the shaping of musical taste:
- Personality

These factors were chosen for this research because they are all involved in influencing other aspects of an individual's life like: choices, religion, morals, beliefs, likes, dislikes The purpose of this research is to find the factor(s) that are involved in shaping an individual’s taste in music. Introduction This research is significant because it helps to answer a universally pondered question and it could also possibly help to understand how people come to develop their own taste in any preferential subject like: clothes, color, movies, books, etc. What I mean by personality, is how the person relates/connects to the music ; how the music affects the individual and how it makes them feel based on who they are as a person (personality).
Ex: A calm, quiet person might like classical/orchestral music because it kind of resembles their personality. Personality can be a little unclear as to how it influences musical taste, because personality itself is something that is influenced by an outside factor. But, focusing on only music, personality is a very likely influential factor. Childhood involves family. And family members can be a very influential subject in anyone. Religion, morals, and language are some things that family can influence a great deal on. So, the idea is that music could be one other thing that family can influence.

Also during childhood, a person could grow up listening to music that his/her parent(s) like. He/she might end up liking the same music just because of the fact that it's family, or he/she likes that it's something from childhood Methodology 30 random people were interviewed with questions based on the three factors. Methodology The purpose of the interviews were to find the answer to the question, "What/Which factor influences musical taste". The surveys then answered the question, "Why does this factor affect musical taste". The data from the interviews showed that there wasn't just one single factor.
- 14 people were influenced by their peers as well as their personality
- 13 people were influenced by their childhood and their personality
- 3 people weren't certain

In both cases, personality took part in developing their taste in music. Research Findings 15% of the people surveyed said that they feel obligated to like whatever music their friends like

65% said that they don't feel obligated

20% said it depended on the person they were friends with Research Findings 40% responded that they enjoyed the similar/same music because of the fact that they were brought up listening to what their parents liked.

Of those people, 80% said it was specifically because it was a family member they heard it from or that they liked that it was from their childhood

20% said "sometimes". Based on what they wrote, it seemed to depend on the genre. Research Findings 45% of the people surveyed responded that they tend to like whatever music is popular

Of those people, 85.7% said that they actually liked the music that is popular
Only 14.3% of those people said that they just say that they like it in order to fit in

Yet, 90% of the people surveyed responded that they feel a lot of people are influenced by whatever is popular. 75% of the people surveyed shared similar/same musical interest as their friends/family CONCLUSION Based on the interviews, I can say that personality is a definite factor that influences taste in music . Between peers and childhood, it was neck-and-neck (14-13). So I couldn't say it's one or the other. I used the data from the surveys to help clarify. Research Findings One of the questions in the survey: Do you think that your parents' music affect(ed) your taste in any way? Explain Peers Peer pressure affects the choices of a lot of people. So, it could possibly even affect someone's taste in music.

Although, it doesn't necessarily have to be about peer pressure. A person could come to like a style of music when influenced by their friends (someone they want to relate to) CONCLUSION The data from the surveys showed that family and friends are a big part in shaping their taste in music. Although, the people surveyed shared music interests more with friends than family. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that peers are more influential.

The data collected from this research showed that peer pressure isn't a very big factor in forming a taste in music. But, there are still small amounts of people that are being affected by peer pressure. If a much larger amount of people were interviewed and surveyed, there might be more numbers shown for people affected by peer pressure CONCLUSION There wasn't enough data to be able to tell for sure what really is the influential factor, but from the data I collected I'm able to say that it doesn't appear to have to be one or the other. It seems to be different for everyone. It's either personality and peers or personality and chldhood.

We won't be able to know what makes some people more influenced by their friends than parents, but if we were conduct a new and improved research with a more efficient method of research, as well as a larger amount of survey takers, the answer will be found for sure!
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