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Ancient Egypt 5 themes of geography

No description

Emma Pech

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt 5 themes of geography

5 Themes of geography project Place Human Environment Interaction (H.E.I.) Location Movement Egyptians believed in many gods and goddesses, in fact they also believed that the pharaohs were connected to the gods and goddesses.
Egypt is very hot and dry and also a desert. The Nile river was a gift for the egyptians. Without it no one would be alive in Egypt. The Egyptians use the Nile river for survival as in they us it for drinking (water), food (fishing), and farms to grow crops. They also build a dam to over flow the Nile river (for farming crops). Egypt is in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Egypt's location is in the Sahara desert. Also its west of the Nile river and south of the Mediterranean sea. The egyptians used camels to travel instead of horses because it is and was hot and dry in Egypt. Region The End
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