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Marriott Marketing Strategy

No description

Brittany Schulte

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Marriott Marketing Strategy

Marriott Marketing Strategy

Situational Analysis
1. Corporate Growth
2. Corporate Diversification
3. Corporate Social Responsibility
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Goals
Starting January 2015 the campaigns will run through December 2018
Less extensive tactics will be performed by lower level marketing executives with oversight from marketing managers
More extensive tactics will be performed by marketing managers with oversight from executives
Founded in 1927 in Washington, DC
Began as a root beer stand
Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland
First Hotel = Twin Bridges Motor Hotel - 1957
Since then Marriott has grown to:
3,900+ properties
72 countries
18 different brands
Core Values
Put people first
Pursue excellence
Embrace change
Act with integrity
Serve the world
Reduce energy and water by 20%
Empower green development
Ranked highest on Climate Counts company scorecard
Segment differentiation
International growth
Dependence on US market
Diverse/confusing portfolio
Weakened credit rating
Costs of increasing sustainability
1. Corporate Growth
18.7% or approximately 98,000 rooms
Maintain occupancy rate of 72%
REVpar of at least $115
2. Corporate Diversification
Diversify the employee base
Female business owners
Diversify the customer base
Women travelers
Further diversify the portfolio
Bring current brands to the United States
3. Corporate Social Responsibility
Market development-new customers to Ritz-Carlton
Risk mitigation strategy
Moxy-New customers, new product
Strengthening partnerships
Enhance existing partnerships with key partners
Enhance customer rewards program
Ritz-Carlton advertising
Moxy advertising
Partnership advertising
Vehicle manufacturer partnerships
Marriott as "suggested stay"
Diversify the employees
Diversify the customers
Diversify the domestic portfolio
Marriott Executive Apartments
Equal opportunity employment
Benefits for same sex spouses/domestic partners
Improved ethics policies
New employee education opportuntities
Bringing Moxy and Marriott Executive Apartments to the domestic market
Be You. With Us. campaign
Environmentally focused corporate management approach
Environmental corporate policies
Social initiatives
Engineering global leadership team
Energy and environmental action plans
Capex initiatives
Green furniture, fixtures, and equipment
Intensity measurements
LEED certification
Military support
SERVE initiative
Donating rewards points
Maddy Mihaly, Weston Persons, Amanda Pollard, Brittany Schulte
Increasing expenses
Privacy concerns
Economic vulnerability with real estate
International business
"Going green"
LEED certified
Female travelers

Aspire to be global hospitality leader
Leading by example
"The Hot Shoppe"
Public in 1953
Dividends from $0.05 to $0.17
Family owns 30% stock
We are going to use the baselines created for each goal
Each goal has a re-evaluation period 1-2 times a year, at which times alterations can be made
If the goals fail to meet benchmarks then re-evaluation of goal, strategies and tactics need to be done
Upon re-evaluation, alterations will be made
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