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Copy of Inviting a Korean Entrepreneur to

No description

Chong WaiYing

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Inviting a Korean Entrepreneur to

Inviting a Korean Entrepreneur to
Open First Store in Hong Kong

Background of ISAAC
Chelsea Wong Chui Shan (30161945)
Sammie Siu Wing Sum (30153166)
Sin Li Hung Fai (30163280)
Venus Chong Wai Ying (30162068)
A KOREAN food franchise --
Found by CEO Kim Ha Kyung in 1995
Sells toasts,sandwiches also coffee and juice
Already is a franchise e.g branch in Los Angeles
Unique Features of ISAAC
Famous lighted-snack
Convenient package
Have a tea anywhere and anytime
Cook-to-order snack with dozens of choices
serve to Hong Kong people even foreigners
Spread of Korean wave
Only a very small area is needed
prime cost could be reduced
Can run in a one-man business way
1 or 2 staff is enough
Toasts are freshly made by orders
Hot and fresh toasts --> healthy lifestyle
The ingredients needed are available in HK
Lower costs
Benefits — to customers
Different flavors & updated frequently
Do promotions often
Open 24 hours
one more option in choosing meals
hot and fresh toast instead of junk food
A new try of Korean food
Time Management
Time consuming to HK people
Might stuck in the long queue due to waiting
Workload of Staff
Boost pressure to the staff in peak hour
The pan fixed the number of toasts can be cooked at the same time
Might cause the loss of business (order)
Give out tickets with numbers
Get order sheets and choose the toasts beforehand
Shorten the ordering time
Half of the toasts can be ordered in HK branch
Add 2 to 3 PART- TIME workers at the peak hour
Can lower the costs
Convenient, Tasty and Reasonable
High possibility of succeed
All the factors, profits are greater than risks
Please grant us to develop a cooperation proposal for ISAAC!!!
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