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The Character of Michael in 'Skellig'

No description

Laura Travis

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Character of Michael in 'Skellig'

The Character of Michael in 'Skellig'
LO: Identify different types of texts and write a diary entry from Michael's point of view
LO: Identify different types of texts and write a diary entry from Michael's point of view
Match the Text type with the definition by drawing arrows from the text type to the definition.
How to write a Diary
Write in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

Write in the FIRST PERSON ... Say 'I''
Write a Diary entry as if you were Michael
Firstly, put the story in order. On your tables arrange the story in order. Each slip of paper summarises a chapter from the book.
Two Stars and a Wish
Two things that went well this lesson

One thing you'd like to improve on
On your post-it, write an adjective that describes how Michael felt in the chapters we looked at last lesson
Next, I
Also, I
Afterwards, I
What does chronological mean?
Write a diary entry recounting what has happened so far and how you feel.

How do you start a diary?
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