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Student Engagement ideas

No description

bhavani kola

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Student Engagement ideas

Student Engagement ideas
Bhavani Kola
Department of Mathematics
What does engagement mean?
Its a product of motivation and active learning
Synergy between motivation and active learning.
Strengths of the study :
Empowering students as partners in learning process.

Motivation is a portal to engagement.
Active learning is where mind is actively engaged
The above requires a subtle but thorough shift in focus away from what the teacher is teaching to what and how the students is learning.
Quality assessments and feedback
Developing critical thinking.
Having Optimal challenge.

I have been working on Flipping classroom concept that helps me achieve the above
Weakness:Characterizing today's students
Success -Oriented
Failure avioders
Failure acceptors
Is engagement Individually referenced or is it multidirectional partnership?
What is motivating to one may not be to another
Key to active learning is that students muct connect what is being learned to what is already known, what one students knows is not the same as what another knows.

While I could be doing everything possible to motivate and learn but is it ultimately students choice to engage?
Student engagement Techniques
ELizabeth F. Barkley.
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