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natasha kinrade

on 18 May 2010

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ILLUSTRATION vs PHOTOGRAPHY Introduction Children's Art Neurology Handwriting Conclusion
Maggi Hambling
Self Portrait 1977-8
Sam Taylor Wood
Self Portrat in Single Breasted Suit with Hare 2001 This self portrait documents a significant moment in the artist's life: her recent battle with a second occurrence of cancer, which resulted in a mastectomy. The artist captures herself in a frozen moment, confronting her mortality holding the cable release of her camera and a stuffed hare. Taylor-Wood explained: 'The hare symbolises lust and passion, so here I am with a head of hair, in a single-breasted suit, holding on to lust and passion.'
In this self-portrait, the artist has painted herself with three arms to hold her three essentials of life: a cigarette, a drink and a paintbrush. All of the items in the portrait have a personal significance to the artist who painted the portrait when her love life was 'in a muddle': spiritually she was in love with the person who made the teapot, physically she was in love with the person we glimpse in the lower right hand corner of the unprimed canvas. Drawing Exercise


Childrens's Art
Drawing Exercise and individuality of illustration

You have 1 minute to draw a banana.
GO! A childs journey to illustration

Scribble - around 14 months, little muscle control needed
Human forms - primitive
Human figures - age 3
Rare examples

Scribble-Line-Observation Now compare the drawings to these examples:
The right hemisphere
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