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Social Media Prezume

I'd like to introduce you to what I can do as a Social Media Marketer. Please take a look at my prezume and help me start my career in social media - whether its by contacting me regarding employment or sharing my prezume

Becky Mollon

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Prezume

Becky Mollon beckymollon@gmail.com Knowledge Understanding Passion Prepare Engage #Trend Listen Analyse Adapt Who am I? Working with me Social Media Prezume http://www.linkedin.com/in/beckymollon https://twitter.com/BeckyMollon http://www.facebook.com/becky.mollon Welcome to my prezume. I'm Becky, and I'm looking to start a career in social media marketing. Have a look through my prezume to see what I have to offer, and, if you'd like to know more, please get in touch. I graduated from Durham University in 2011 with a Masters in Management (but with heavy marketing content) at distinction level... And I won the best MA dissertation prize, focusing on Facebook as a marketing tool from a consumer perspective I have completed courses in 'SEO/SEM & Google Analytics' and 'Social Media Toolkit' with the Gradberry Academy (http://gradberry.com/academy/)... And, I'm registered to study 'Social Media Marketing 202' and 'Digital Marketing 203' with the Gradberry Academy in April 2013. Thanks for taking a look through my social media presume. If you would like to ask any questions or discuss job opportunities please contact me on the email address below. My CV is also available through email, or you can take a look at my LinkedIn page. I’ve included links below to the three social media sites I’m most active on, however, please note that my Facebook and Twitter accounts are for personal rather than professional purposes and as such I never include my work information on these. I love being in the know and sharing my knowledge with others… So, I’m keen to get to know your industry, company, products, and services, in depth, and continually update that knowledge, so that I can readily and accurately communicate to others via social media. My business education and work experience highlights the importance of understanding company strategy and culture as a basis for creating and implementing social media strategy… Vital for maximising effectiveness and humanising the company. I have a solid understanding of how social media platforms are best utilised for differing purposes… Allowing for successfully utilising relevant platforms, whilst keeping clarity and focus in the message, as part of the social media strategy. I have a strong consumer focus and ability to perceive and understand behaviour, important in capturing and maintaining interest from the social consumer… Where 80% should be focused on them, and 20% on you I love communicating via social media because it allows me to connect and share content with people who are otherwise not easily accessible… And provides communities of people ready to converse, based on similar interest. I have experience of using many of the current social media, and can adapt quickly to new media and updates… I also take a keen interest in social media marketers’ advice and recommendations, and keep up to date with the latest articles and information. You can expect me to develop a passion for your company, brand, products and services and convey that to your social consumer… After all, you can’t expect others to believe in something you don’t believe in yourself! There are so many options available when choosing content to share with the community, so it’s important to think about what to use and when according to the strategy… Preparing content well in advance is particularly important when it is made for social media purpose, or fitting contributions from colleagues in with their schedules. I love planning, being creative, and using my initiative, so being organised is also high in my skill set. However, I always allow for expecting the unexpected… So, while much of social media content can be planned out, some of it needs to go with the flow of the social world. There’s no point in having a load of content which doesn’t connect with your social consumers… I want to get people talking by providing content which is relevant, fresh, interesting and relatable, and which matches the target audience as well as maintaining company image. Social media marketing isn’t about the hard sell but about making your company, brand, product or service personable… I aim to provide a positive experience for social consumers through conversation and community - involving them and talking to them not at them, and hopefully an opportunity for a bit of fun!. My ability to engage and develop effective working relationships with colleagues is also an asset to any social media strategy… Involving and encouraging everyone to work as a team to provide the best content and social consumer based thinking. Being consumer focused and aiming to engage, means that I take an interest in social consumer trends… For example, many people now access social media through mobile devices, so content needs to be created with this in mind. Successful engagement can mean trending on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, Re-pinning on Pintrest… Which means that content has the potential to reach many more than actively opting in to your community. I aim to create a social media strategy which provides structure to allow for consistency in building up discussion, creativity to innovate to surprise and excite the consumer, and awareness of what is popular on social media… In pursuit of excelling at engagement and creating virality. The great thing about social media marketing is that it allows for two way interaction, which is a great opportunity for gaining feedback and insight from your social consumers… I love knowing what is working well, where areas for improvement lie, and reactions and opinions to what you’re putting out there, so I encourage involvement. Being present on social media is also a chance to give great customer service… I like to think of this as a challenge to turn a potentially bad experience into a good one by being personable, understanding, and finding solutions. The competitive part of me always wants to know how I’m doing and then try to do better still… So, I like keeping track of analytics to find out how successful posts have been and use this knowledge to do more of what people like, to increase reach and virality. Being able to match social media marketing performance against company metrics is another way to determine success rate… Making a difference to the company and contributing towards company objectives is really important to me as a professional. I also find the demographic information, generated from social media marketing, really interesting… Who you’re actually reaching and engaging may be different than who you think the target audience is, it’s very relevant as it is current, and any changes over time can be tracked, which is really beneficial to the company as a whole. I embrace change and am good at adapting both to circumstances around me and to ways of working which maximise effectiveness and ensure competitiveness… But still maintain some consistency to keep communications focused and clear. My commitment to staying informed, about the company, industry, social media, listening to consumers, and tracking analytics, allows me to react to change and use this information to be proactive in future actions… Keeping the social media strategy fresh and exciting. By adapting to what works best in terms of content, timing, number of posts per day, consumer feedback, results can be achieved whilst keeping the focus stays on the consumer… Being social is what social media is all about! I always aim to excel in whatever I’m doing and often exceed expectations. I’m not afraid of new processes or techniques, and am a quick learner with a desire to keep my knowledge and skills updated. I actively contribute to achieving the company objectives and improving processes. I turned around the fortunes of Ustinov College, Durham University, by changing the College admissions process to improve communications with applicants, inviting conversation and achieving a higher level of engagement, resulting in a higher number registering with the College and booking accommodation. I am very self-motivated and can be relied upon to work independently. I also work well as part of a team, always making a valid contribution, supporting other members of the team and keeping team spirit high. I always make the effort to attend company events and have often organised after work socials with colleagues. “Becky was a great help and support during our time working together. Highly recommended" "Becky has always showed an extraordinary ability to navigate and work professionally in the unusually international and fast-paced setting that Durham University presents: one that demands nothing less than excellence from those who are affiliated with the institution." "One of Becky's biggest strengths is her communication skills. In an internationally diverse setting that demands sensitivity and knowledge of a wide array of cultures, her skills are an important asset to an institution that balances a need to understand these diverse perspectives with a need to impart services as equitably as possible to a large population with substantial, yearly turnover." Starting with the obvious, I’m a fan of social media, largely because it allows be to connect with friends around the world in a much fuller way than before, and it provides the opportunity to network with people around specific interests in addition to those we meet in day to day life… That said, I don’t live my whole life online. I love getting out in the real world, socialising with friends, meeting new people, trying new things. For me, life is about experiences and keeping an open mind to benefit from the richness of the world. There are two sides to my personality. On a social level, I’m easy going, friendly, fun, and supportive… But when it comes to work and one of my main interests, fitness, I tend to take a ‘go hard or go home’ attitude – I love a challenge and like to make the impossible possible, and I’m ambitious in that I strive to continually achieve and better myself. Dance is one of my main passions. I love being able to be creative in developing performance pieces, and challenging perceptions. I have developed a large network of dancers worldwide, which is great for support, keeping up to date with developments and for inspiration. I’ve also been lucky to have been taught by world class instructors in both dance and gymnastics… On a more intellectual level, I love learning languages and have some knowledge of Arabic, French and German... And to relax, I enjoy films and baking.
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