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Reflective Project

No description

Corinne Westcott

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Reflective Project

Me? A Blogger?
I never really saw myself as the blogging type, I'm just too lazy, I'm a terrible cook, so what would I write about?

Oh yeah, I'm a traveling English Teacher!
I Can Do This!!
After inflating my ego, I decided I would attempt this whole blogging thing.

This is Me....
My blog is also used to express my passion for Running, Climbing, Zip Lining, and the person I am.
My Family
My family and I are very close, therefore you'll see them in my blog.....we're kind of weird!

Finding a Great Blogging Website Was Hard!!
I started on a few different websites, until a classmate suggested WordPress...thank God!

Reflective Project
Overall I really enjoyed this experience, and I'm sure it will only get better as I start to travel.

I hope my writing style develops as I discover new cultures.

What would you guys suggest to add or change in CorinneWalkstheWorld.?
My blog is used for my progress as a writer and a traveler as I walk the world teaching English as a second language.

Contains Poems, stories, journal entries, and other things that inspire me!

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