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Post-war America


Steve Miller

on 3 March 2010

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Transcript of Post-war America

Double click anywhere & add an idea 12 million return from war Women pressured No jobs No more war production America After the War GI Bill Transition Loans Work Not cash Help finding jobs Racial Equality Truman EO 9981 Segregation Hispanic Americans too Military segregation inefficient 1948 Presidential Election Trumans popularity low Henry Wallace Strom Thurmond Dixiecrat Dewey Whistlestop Campaign Truman Wins Anyway Building a Better World United Nations
Promote peace World Bank (1944)
Provide loans to fight poverty IMF
Prevent economic crisis Trade and Tariffs
Promote world trade Discussion How did the GI Bill assist soldiers when they returned home? How did EO 9981 change the future of segregation? How did Truman's whistlestop campaign aid in his vitory in the election of 1948? How did the countries of the world attempt to keep peace and promote stability?
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