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marco polo

No description

Shanneill Gayle

on 19 May 2012

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Transcript of marco polo

MARCO POLO Macro polo was an Italian explorer that travelled with his dad and uncle from Europe to Asia in 1271-95 Marco polo lived in china for 17 years during his expedition. He was born 1254 in Venice, Italy and died January 8, 1324 in Venice He travelled to Asia, including Arab, Persia, Sumartra, the Andaman Islands, and East Africa. Most of his journey's were mostly to China. Maco polo's journey to china started in the year 1271. 1. What year did marco polo die? 2. What year did he begin his journey to china? 3. Who captured Marco Polo and jailed him? 1324 1271 The Genoese Why we remember him.......

He served as government official in China because he spoke four languages. He traveled from Europe to Asia He wrote the book "The Travelsof Marco Polo" He was captured by the Geonese and jailed when he returned from his trip in China. Historions cannot explain the exact cause of this.
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