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American history

No description

Sean Carter

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of American history

Who were the most important people in american history?
He is important because he helped the Jamestown settlement in America thrive.
2.Jhon Winthrop
He is important because he founded Massachusetts, a big trading colony.
3.Patrick Henry
He is important because he uttered the famous line "give me liberty or give me death!" This helped to hasten the revolution.
4.Thomas Jefferson
He is important because he wrote the declaration of independence in 1776
5.George Washington
He is important because was the first president and he was the general of the colonial army.
6.Abraham Lincoln
He is important because he was a president and he abolished slavery.
He is important because in the civil war, he was the leader of the union army.
1.Jhon Smith
7.Ulysses s. grant
1.Jhon Smith
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