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the holocaust description

Mackenzie Phillips

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of holocaust

Double click anywhere & add an idea The HOLOCAUST!!!!!!!
Survivor story of
Shep Zitler Shep's holocaust experience started 6 months before the war.
februrary 1939 He was drafted into the polish army. The army told them "first we
are going to get rid of the germans,
then we will get rid of you." The germans captured poland in 16 days and then took shep and many other soldiers as prisoners of war. He was sent to different labor camps for
5 years and 7 months. The jews were always given the
dirtiest and nastiest jobs, and
they were always in danger and
always hungry.

None of sheps family died
a natural death- they were all
killed. Near the end of the war, they marched
3 days without stopping. Then they slept
and were awoken by the russians, and were liberated! That was hitler
if you didnt know hey hey hey hey
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