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Morgan Li

on 12 December 2013

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The Consequence of Choice
In the book The lord of the flies, consequence of choice is seen throughout the book as all the characters are forced to make difficult decisions.
Our group was assigned the topic "Theme" for our seminar. We concluded that there would be one main Theme, in this case it would be the consequence of choice, and that this theme would branch out to other theme. The Branches would be Loss of innocence, fear and corruption, group think, and nature of power.
Loss of Innocence
- Main theme is consequence of choice
Showed throughout the story with not thinking, selfishness and corruption
- Throughout the story, no one has ever thought (except for at gatherings).. Which is the cause of many bad choices
-This happens when jack tries to set island on fire to find jack
-Selfishness contributes to this as well, mainly in jack as he portrays that all he cares about it being loved by others
-Happens when jack lets the fire burn out to kill pigs

in the story the lord of the flies the young boys decided to let go of their civilized past. Which influence the boys to make rash decisions
-The idea that putting on a mask will hide the children’s shame in what they were doing should loss of innocents
-Pg 154 “he was safe from shame or self-consciousness behind the mask of his paint and could look at each of them in turn.
-In the beginning Jack in afraid of kill a pig but at the end feels no shame in torturing pigs or killing piggy
-Pg 29 “the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood.”
-The death of Simon someone that can be related to a symbol of innocents and good-After the death of Simon the idea of innocents was gone
-The boys did not care in hunting and decapitating Ralph
-The death of piggy should the death of rash thinking and the idea of making bad decisions which lead to decision of them losing their innocents.
-Piggy was almost like the brain of the group and was always the one that would tell the boys what to do and how to do it, but now that he’s dead there is nobody that can enforce the idea of rash thinking
-Roger in the beginning fears throwing rocks at Henry but at the end feels no shame in killing piggy with a bolder
--Pg 154 “roger gather a handful of stones and began the throw them, yet there was a space round Henry perhaps six yard in diameter, into which he dare not throw. here invisible yet stone was the taboo of the old life. round the squatting child was the protection of parents and school and policemen and the law."
-“stranded bots in stranded boys in lord of the flies, for example, almost shake of their civilized behavior.” Dickey, James. ‘babel to byzabtium’ Contemn Porary literary criticism VI. Carolyn Riley. United Kingdom, 1973, Pg 118, print

Fear and Corruption
In the story the lord of the flies the boys chose to let fear take over the island which led to corruption
-Fear usually leads to irrational decisions:
-In the event of fear, or being scared, humans are generally afraid of the unknown and act accordingly
-“ People are not afraid of the dark, they are afraid of what could be inside it, just like with all fears, people are not afraid of that certain thing, but what it could do to them.” unknown
-Corruption often comes from fear:
-Humans are naturally corrupt
-“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” – John Steinbeck

References in the book:
-How the boys pretended that they didn’t kill Simon
Fear made Jack start hunting the pigs because he didn’t want to lose his power. The fear changed into corruption. Like how he started making the boys become hunters and kill “things”
-The fear of the boys lead them to become savages example Piggy and Simon’s death
They lost their sense of civilization from the fear and was left with savagery ways which lead to corruption.

Group Think
In the story the lord of the flies the boys start to get influenced by Jack’s savage ways. Which made the boys forget about their civilized past.
-These actions are all triggered by one main focus, peer pressure
-When there is a group, naturally others tend to follow one another even though actions even though it might not be right
-They are in a situation where they are all trying to survive. The members of the group are willing to follow the leader even though they do not want to do so
-We see that there is a lot of bullying as well and many join in as they do not have a choice

-“kill the pig. Cut her throats, spill her blood” page 75
-In this chant we see that many of the hunters take on this mindset of aggressiveness
-We see that it is not their nature, but that Jack has imposed this onto them.
Nature of Power
In the story the Lord of the Flies nature of power is shown through the actions of the boys. As time goes by the leaders have to make decisions to be either civilized or savages
-In the book the Lord of the Flies, the power stems back from the fact that Jack and Ralph are older, and the littleuns respect them
-The power ends up destroying the morals of the group, and murder and violence begins
-The littleuns follow Ralph because he is giving the commands and it seems that he is overpowering Jack. The littleuns instinct is to follow the biggest person with the most power
-We see that jack’s using the kids for his own purposes. He is using them as hunters and converting them to his tribe

-Ralph tries to get the kids to see that Jack is influencing them to convert into savages. Since Jack is the source of all the power the littleuns have a instinct to follow the power because Jack is exploiting them for their fears
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