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Engineering Disasters

No description

Elijah Howes

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Engineering Disasters

Engineering Disasters
Elijah Howes
September 15, 2014

Engineering disasters are every dangerous they can start at any time with just one mess up.
Engineering disasters are one of the largest dangers there are to Earth, because when one happens it's most likely releases lots and lots of really bad chemicals in to the Earth's atmosphere and causing global warming.
One of the engineering disaters are the titanic. This occur on April 15, 1912. The ship was going to New York from England.
Thank you!
The Titanic
During the ships trip to New York it had an encounter with a ice berg in the Atlantic Ocean. There is alot of oppinons about what happed that night.But the most common opinon is that the bottom of the ice berg was much bigger than the top and scraped the boat which resulted in the bottom of the boat to fill with water. This event killed more than 1,500 people
Apolo 13
This is when a space craft flew in to outer space and one of the oxygen tanks exploded while they were trying to get to the moon.
This disaster didn't not kill any people the whole team came back alive this happened on April 11th 1970, they returned safly on april 17th
Silver Bridge
The Bridge collapsed on December 15th 1967. This was during rush hour a the bridge collapsed due to ONE eye bar having a tiny defect and to much weight on the bridge.
The Titanic


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