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Behavior Support Plan

No description

Caitie Johnson

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Behavior Support Plan

An aim towards positive behavior! Behavior Support Plan Target Behaviors 1. Noncompliance- defined as child not adhering to adult directives or requests, purposely waits for when teacher is not looking to do what he is not suppose to do.

2. Out of area- defined as child being off his mat and running around the room when he should be sitting down reading books. Hypotheses Target behavior may be more likely to occur...
1. While teacher is cleaning up after lunch.
2. While teacher is dealing with another child.
3. If child is bored with books on his mat.
4. If other children are up off their mats as well. Antecedent Modifications 1. "Catch him being good."
2. Provide him with several choices of books to look at.
3. When bored with books, provide him with small manipulative toys to keep his attention. Alternative Skills to Teach/Strengthen 1. Classroom DRO tape
2. Reinforcers- stickers, high-fives Data Collection Behaviors rarely occur...
1. When engaged in a preferred book.
2. When teacher is not cleaning the room. Functions of behavior...
1. To gain attention.
2. Escape route. Replacement Behaviors Child should be able to stay on his mat for a certain period of time without getting up. When Target Behavior Occurs 1. Remind child of what he is suppose to be doing. Give one warning, if behavior still occurs, make him sit away from peers until ready to listen.
2. Re-direct him to mat each time he gets up. Praise other students if they are following correct behavior. Action Plan 1. All teachers present in the classroom will reinforce behavior plan.

2. Behavior plan will be given to all teachers who work with the child.

3. No training necessary.

4. The head teacher of the classroom is responsible for coordinating the plan. Evaluation The child has made progress in working on eliminating the target behavior of getting off his mat when he should be sitting. Although complete elimination of the behavior has not occurred, he has significantly decreased the amount of times he gets up. All hypotheses were accurate.
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