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Zheng He

No description

Kevin Nguyen

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Zheng He

Zheng He
By: Kevin Nguyen, Kathy Vu, Jackson Tran
Zheng He was born in 1371 to a Chinese Muslim Family
Zheng He was a Hui court eunuch, mariner, explorer, diplomat, and fleet admiral during China's early Ming Dynasty.
Zheng He commanded 7 expeditionary voyages to Southeast, South, East and West Asia from 1405 to 1433.
Motivation for Journeys:
He wanted to establish a trade relationship with parts of Southeast Asia, India, Arabia, and Africa
During this time China forbid trade to foreign countries so he traveled to expand the trade route
He also wanted to explore distant lands beyond the sea
He was sent out to showcase China's Power and Wealth
His Journey's:
His Fleet was called the Treasure Fleet
He went on a total of 7 journeys from 1405-1433
He sailed from China and visited Southeast Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka, Yangtze River to Vietnam, Calicut, Java, Ayutthaya, Malaya, Sumatra, Bengal, Hormuz, Arabia, Aden, and finally African Islands and the East African coast.
He visited over 30 countries
The Outcome of his Journey:
More Information:
Zheng He spread religion, he was credited for developing Islam in Indonesia
He is important part of China and Islamic relations
He came back with porcelain, silk, lacquer, wood, jewels, ember, coral bead, woolens, gold, silver, coral amber, a beautiful carpet, spices, and he even got a giraffe.
He developed trade relationships in Southeast Asia, India, Arabia, and Africa
He is also known for commanding the largest fleet that explored regions of the world
The Kangnido Map (1402)
* This map predated Zheng He's voyage and this suggests he knew alot of geographical information on the new world.
Zheng He was born into a Muslim family but was captured by the Ming Dynasty.
He was captured to become an Eunuch for the King and did very well.
His name was at first Ma He but he was so skilled and accomplished the Emperor gave him the name Zheng He.
It was said that Zheng He was sponsored by another emperor to search of a desposed king but it is more commonly known that his voyages were meant to showcase the Ming Dynasty's power and wealth.
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