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Advantages &

No description

Cailin Doan

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Advantages &

Advantages &

-Chang Jiang Basin

-Northeast China Plain

-Gobi Desert

Chang Jiang Basin
Advantages of settling near here-
-It has a warm climate to grow rice.
-The river can be used for travel or trade.
Disadvantages of settling near here-
-Limited space for farming
-It floods sometimes
Northeast China Plain
Advantages of living here-
-The silt the river carries, helps fertilize surrounding land making it good to grow crops
-The Climate is fairly mild and is warmer than

most areas
Disadvantages of settling near here-
-It has been the source of many disasters for the Chinese
-In the past 3,000 years, the river is said to have flooded more than 1,500 times causing much damage and loss of life
Gobi Desert
Advantages of settling near here-
-It is one of the world's largest deserts making it hard for invaders to pass through
-There are few oases which contain water, where few plants can be grown
Disadvantages of settling near here-
-Vegetation is sparse which makes it hard to plant food
-Plants tend to be small and widely spaced while the climate is very hot making it hard to breath
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