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Spanish Colonial By Claire K. and Jenna T.

This is all about what happened during the era of the Spanish Colonial.

Laura Flanagan

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Spanish Colonial By Claire K. and Jenna T.

Spanish Missions Started In 1680's

The people who lived in what now is New Mexico and Texas at the time were the Caddo Indians called the "Tejas". They started in New Mexico and starting in the 1690's they spread all the way to east Texas.
Spanish Founded San Antonio
During the Spanish Colonial San Antonio was founded in 1718 and it was a very successful settlement. It was used for the military and mission community's.
San Antonio Became Capital of Texas
At the end of the French Indian war the capitol of Texas became San Antonio. Some of the residents of Los Adaes est. nacogdoches on a abandoned Caddo settlement. The Spanish Tribe making missions for the Indians including the apaches, but none of the missions had long term success.
Texas Becoming Part of America
Spain started to strengthen Texas so that they could protect its Mexican colony from the United States. The Mexican war for independence that started in 1810 weakened the Spanish's control over Texas which caused many battles between royalists and insurgents with that happening the American's attention turned to Texas.
Native American's and Spanish soon became Enemies
The friendly relationships between the Spanish and the Caddo Indians did not last long because the "Tejas" started to distrust the Spanish Settlers. The Spanish Settlers brought disease and disruption to the "Tejas".
Spanish colonial
A Summary of Spanish Colonial
During this time, Spain wanted control and Christianity. African americans did not like the spanish for many reasons. The Spanish had to design many missions to make the "Tejas" christian and to gain power
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