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No description

jonathan bliss

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of traveling

We have remateralized in satalite 5. The TARDIS (Time and relative dimentions in space)Is a time machine that uses something called a time line. In the episode Bad Wolf of season 1 the doctor almost used the Tardis to cross his one time line to make a delta wave. And off we go. une.
The parting of the ways
So here we are at the parting of the ways. The Doctor almost wiped out the Dalek race but Rose looked into the heart of the tardis back in her home town. She went back to where the Doctor was and that changed the fate of the dalik.

Doctor Who
Time Lord &Traveler

By Jonathan Bliss
Traveling By TARDIS
The Doctor is a Time Lord. He gets around in something called the TARDIS which is a time machine.It runs on energy or power of any kind. The TARDIS travels through time and space. Be ready to dematearalize!!!. In reality the TARDIS could not scientificly work in real life because Living people can not demteralize and then remateralize.

We have landed in the emperor daliks ship. He want`s to turn the Doctor in to a dalik. A dalik is a highly advanced, genectically engineered alien race that the Doctor almost wiped from exsitance. The Doctor makes a delta wave. A delta wave is something that emits an electric pulse that will wipe out everything in its path. Shue, Dr. Karen. "Brain and Health:The Basics of Brain Waves" Web. 20 April 2010. Hear we go be ready.

Delta Wave
The Tardis
Rose is dying
Rose is so close to death but the doctor saves her. ose causes a vortex and leaves clues throughout time to help her get back to the Doctor. To learn more you can buy the first season on DVD at wal-mart or you can go to www.BBC.co.uk/programs.
You are about to go on a mind blowing adventure though time and space. Enjoy the ride.
Eletromagnetic Pulse
Eletromagnetic pulse weapons are included to overlode eleteric circuitry. (Harris, Tom."How E-Boms Work." HowStuffWorks, A Discovery Company. Web. 20 April 2010.)
Sonic Screwdriver
The sonic screwdriver is a sonic device that can open anything but wood.It is mostly used for opening door`s. It is the Doctors favorite tool. In reality the Sonic screwdriver could work by making sonic waves that are strong enough to disrupt computer and even break glass and would be capable of causing more damage than you would the Doctor do woth it(rdwf.org.uk)
That is the end of the ride please come agian.
Works Cited
Sci- fi. Worlds date of acces 4/13/14
(Brain And Health.com)
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