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Samantha Mok

on 27 July 2011

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Abortion and the Techniques of Neutralization Why do we still do it? David Matza Gresham Sykes Neutralization Theory A Project by Hyun Jin Na, Malinee Narang and Samantha Mok Identified by... Downloading Music and Movies By learning neutralization techniques, criminals can drift between conventional and deviant behaviours It is estimated that music piracy cost the US economy a loss of $12.5 billion. Workers in the music industry lost at least $2.7 billion in earnings in 2007. Observations They Made About Criminals Some criminals feel guilty about their illegal acts Criminals often admire and respect law-abiding people Criminals define who they can or cannot victimize Criminals are not immune to the demands of conformity Criminals are aware of the wrongfulness of their actions Criminals usually participate in the same social functions as non-criminals Drift Movement in and out of delinquency
Shifting from conventional to deviant values Neutralization Techniques Denial of Responsibility Denial of Injury Denial of the Victim Condemnation of the Condemners Appeal to Higher Loyalties Neutralization Theory Abortion Canada and Abortion 1869 Abortion banned from Canada

taking steps to cause an abortion was an offence liable to life imprisionment

1969 Criminal Law Amendment Act

allowed abortions when health of the woman was in danger; determined by a three-doctor hospital comitee
the term "health" was not defined

1988 R. v. Morgentaler

violated women's rights under section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to "security of a person"

Currently there is no law regulating abortion in Canada An average of 100,000 abortions are carried out annually across Canada since 1988 How do the women cope with their decision? Scientific terminology is used to dehumanize the unborn child (ie. Zygote, Embryo, Fetus) Denial of the Victim Have you done it before? Denial of Injury Appeal to Higher
Loyalties Condemnation of the
Condemners Abortion is the “lesser of two evils” - unhealthy/defective unborn(s) Right-to-Life groups are criticized Rise of Women Rights Group from mid 1960’s gave highly vocal, visible and emotional support for women to abort pregnancies Food for Thought To what extent does the Neutralization Theory prevent guilt, depression and other disorders post-abortion?

Try applying Neutralization Theory to medical professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) involved in abortion procedures Even the most committed criminals & delinquents are not involved in criminality all the time Criminality is a learned experience movement from one extreme to another
(criminal/deviant behaviour -> conventional behaviour) Critiques of Neutralization Theory ~50% of crimes are a result of alcohol and drug use; these inhibit the ability for criminals to think

Cannot be applied to spontaneous violent crimes

Theory doesn't address the genesis of neutralization techniques

Inconclusive evidence of whether neutralization theory enables youth to become delinquent Denial of Responsibility Unexpected and/or unwanted pregancies as a result of abuse/assult QUESTIONS?
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