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Sui Sin Far - "In the Land of the Free"

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Christina Howard

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Sui Sin Far - "In the Land of the Free"

"In the Land of the Free" Sui Sin Far
(Edith Maud Eaton) The Jungle - Sinclair (1906)
Three Lives - Stein (1909)
The Secret Garden - Burnett (1910)
Ethan Frome- Wharten (1911)
Tarzan of the Apes - Burroughs (1912) 1795 1854 1882 1892 1905 1906 1907 1910 1912 Naturalization Act People vs. Hall Chinese Exclusion Act The Geary Act Interracial
Marriage Bureau of
Immigration Anti-Asian
Riots Angel Island Mrs. Spring Fragrance
Published Tackle social issues and have literary merit

Presenting the Chinese people as
human, emotive, and caring

Interracial marriage, immigrant identity, contrasts between Westernized and tradition-holding immigrants, the internalized Chinese community, sexism, and biculturalism

-Empty promises and taking advantage by government and lawyers

-The oppressors sympathize with those they oppress (hoping to reveal this hypocrisy)

-Irony of the title – American society claims freedom and equality for all Today, more than 5,100 children are living without their parents, because their parents have been detained or deported. How has social justice literature changed?
Does social justice writing still have an affect on society? How are immigration issues presented?
What tactics are similar to Sui Sin Far's work? -Lae Choo as personification of maternity

-The human cost of discriminatory laws

-Sacrifice of her heritage in order to retain her children

-Children’s shifting identity (10 away - reborn) http://www.chinainsight.info/culture/chinese-3/202-chinese-american-immigration-timeline.html





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