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UG99 info

No description

Philip Apel

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of UG99 info

What is UG99
Only 10% of the world's wheat is naturally resistant to UG99. Eduard Akhunov discovered that a wheat gene called SR35 is resistant to UG99. A wheat cultivator called Gabo 56 is also resistant.
What does it do to crops?
People who are working to stop this problem:
Eduard Akunov, Brian Steffenson, Jorge Dubcovsky, and Norman Borlaug are all working to solve the problem.
Notes on people who are trying to stop it
UG-99 is a big, bad problem
Dr. Borlaug did research on Mexico and won the nobel peace prize. He was also Brian's father.
UG99 is a spreading stem rust that is in Africa and the Middle East
UG-99 is a stem fungus
that burrows into tissues of wheat and barley and damages or kills the plants. It can even kill most rust resistant wheat!
We also found out that Brian Steffenson
did work on the problem but he did earlier
Edward Akunov found a resistance
gene called SR-35
SR-33 is also a resistance gene but we don't know who found it out.
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