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This is the story of AC/DC

Marko Simovic

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of AC/DC

AC/DC AC/DC is an Australian rock band
form in 1973 by 2 brothers. AC/DC's old line up was Angus and Malcolm young
Cliff Williems, Phil Rudd and Bon Scott. As a team they made AC/DC's first album "High Voltage" in 1974 along with their next album "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" in the same year. The band was touring with many bands like Black Sabbath, Kiss, Styx and Aerosmith. While touring they made their 3rd album "Let Their Be Rock" in Londen were they lived for a couple years and recorded albums like "Powerage, Highway to Hell" and a live Concert during the Powerage tour. The band was getting very populer lots of their albums were getting on the top charts. The band was getting sent to the Bahamas to work on their sixth album "Back in Black"
but sadly Bon would not live to see the prject finish.
Bon passed away on February 19 2010 due to Alcohlol posining.
and was dead on arrival at Kings Collage Hospitel. The band was very sad due to the death and they even thougth of breaking up the band. But luckleliy they did not, the Band got the courge to make the album Back in Black but needed a new singer. They chose Ex-Goerdie singer Brain Johnsen. "Back in Black" is the 2nd most selling album in the world ( number 1 being "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson)
The next album "For Those about to Rock" was also recived well by critics. But their drummer Phil Rudd has left the band to work on his own project so they replaced him with Dio drummer Simon Wright and was with the band for couple years making 3 albums "Flick of the Switch", "Fly on The Wall" and Blow up your Video". Critics did not like does albums as much as the others but they went on and did tour as normal. The good thing is Phil Rudd returned to AC/DC and helped make some of their newer albums like "Stiff Upper Lip" or "Black Ice". All in all, AC/DC has one many awards ; like the Grammy's or MTV award and are still ROCKI'N OUT even though the oldist of them is 62 years old. The 30 years they have been playing have really been great, Thanks. Resources:




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