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Stop Motion

Stop Motion

Jeffrey Zammit

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Stop Motion

STOP MOTION So what is exactly Stop Motion? Take a look at these videos Stop Motion is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own So are we expected to be like director Tim Burton? Not!!! So from where do we start? Today we are expected to create a movie like this What do we need? ... and of course a laptop web camera backdrops plasticene software Sequence the Story Storyboard the story Write and edit the script Practice the script Build Clay characters Film the Scenes Edit the footage Produce Movie Share to public Think of an idea Creating a movie Shooting the Film Divide your movie into smaller segments, and film each segment separately. Move characters and props slowly. The more frames you can take of an action, the smoother the final footage will be. Don't get frustrated with the technology. Sometimes, things don't go the way you want. Don't be afraid to redo a scene. We learn from our mistakes and miscues. Keep your storyboard handy, so you follow the sequence of the story. Have good lighting. A well-lit scene looks so much better than a scene with shadows and darkness Have fun with the project. Making movies is an adventure. Finalising your act Import the video files into your Moviemaker collection Put the scenes in order Add a title and some credits Add narration to the movie You can also add music to your movie Your kids might produce this ... and if you are ambitious enough
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