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01.15H Love Poem

No description

Brianna Bass

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of 01.15H Love Poem

Shall I compare you to a mouses' play?
You are more lovely than a piece of cheese,
Mean cats may make us run away,
But your voice calms us like a breeze;

Sometimes I think Pluto feels alone,
But when he sees you his ears perk up,
And his old thoughts have soon flown,
And he is once again a happy pup;

Your eternal charm shall never fade,
Nor will your happiness fall to deep,
When we leave the clubhouse to find shade,
Your soothing songs make me fall asleep;

For love is found when im with you,
So it is found in Disney too.
A Sonnet from Minnie to Mickey Mouse
I selected Minnie and Mickie mouse, because they are a cute couple, and they are really famous so it was easy to relate them to a lot of things. In my Sonnet I made a Parody of Sonnet 18 so that I could make humorous comparisons. My writing process started with picking my characters, jotting down similarities, and putting it together to fit the correct rhyme scheme. The poem emphasizes that they are mice, and that they are associated with Disney, and the TV show "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." I experienced challenges when trying to find words that rhymed and made sense. I enjoyed making this sonnet because it was fun and entertaining to use a couple I know about, and making it funny.
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