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Liam's Prezi Book

No description

Liam Prsa

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Liam's Prezi Book

By: Liam Prsa She's excellent," says Peeta. "My father
buys her squirrels. He always comments on how the arrows never pierce the
body. She hits every one in the eye. its
the same with the rabbits she sells to
the Butcher. she can even bring
down deer."
Others responding to the character The Hunger Games
Katniss Peeta is telling everyone how good Katniss really is with a bow and arrow. "Our part of District 12, nicknamed the Seam,
is usually crawling with coal miners heading
out to the morning shift at this hour. Men
and women with hunched shoulders,
swollen knuckles, many who who have long
since since stopped trying to scrub the
coal dust out of their broken nails, the lines
of their sunken faces."
Direct Description This description is telling us about the village
that Katniss is living in, out of the other 11
Districts there are. It is also telling us about the
people who are living there and what they do. Characters words "I volunteer!" I gasped. "I volunteer for Tribute!"
Katniss says this and volunteers for Tribute because Prim was
picked for Tribute, her sister, and she didn't want her to be the tribute so she had to volunteer. This shows that Katniss loves her sister so much that she would rather die than her sister would. "So now, at the age of sixteen, I name will be in the reaping twenty times." Direct description This is simply telling us how
old Katniss is. "really, really try. I swear it," I say. And I know, because of Prim, I'll have too. Character words Katniss is saying that she has to try to win for Prim because Prim asked her to try to win. This shows that Katniss will do anything for her sister, Prim. "Peeta has only just stepped from his car when I slam my palms into his chest. He loses balance and crashes into an ugly urn filled with fake flowers. The urn tips and shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. Peeta lands in the shards, and blood immediately flows from his hands." Characters actions This is showing that Katniss is angry at Peeta for something he has done. He had recently told an audience of hundreds of thousands of people that he has a crush on Katniss and Katniss says he has no right saying things like that about her. "Then they're flashing the number eleven on the screen. Eleven! Effie Trinklet lets out a squeal, and everybody is slapping me on the back and cheering and congratulating me. But it doesn't seem real." Others responding to the character This is showing that everybody is so proud of Katniss after she has gotten a better score out of all the tributes when the gamemakers came to a decision of her score. Katniss does not believe its so. "They're betting on how long I'll live!" I burst out. "they're not my friends." What the character thinks or is feeling This is showing that Katniss is fed up with the Hunger Games already and is feeling angry towards the people who are supporting these games because people are enjoying to watch people die. "A warning bell goes off in my head. Don't be so stupid. Peeta is planning how to kill you, I remind myself. He is luring you in to make you easy prey. The more likeable he is, the more deadly he is." What the character thinks or is feeling This is what Katniss is thinking before the games. This is showing that she cannot yet trust Peeta with anything because she believes he is trying to trick her into thinking he is friendly but will really kill her in the games.
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