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isolation rooms

No description

Noah Kruss

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of isolation rooms

By Noah Kruss Isolation Rooms Lance Armstrong should be allowed to keep his medals, but can no longer compete in any biking competitions. Thesis statement The current reality is that Lance Armstong is
having has medals and titles taken because the World Anti-Doping Code believe he is taking drugs to improve his performance. Current Reality Media Doping may occur a lot in biking, but Lance Armstrong is just more dominate than everybody else that bikes.

Most of Lance Armstrong’s competitors do say his is taking drugs, but they are probably lying to get him out of the way and give themselves a better chance of winning.

Also if they take away Lance Armstrong's titles it will not be a good example for other bikers.

As you can see the should let Armstrong keep his medals. Debunk Conclusion So as you can see letting Lance Armstrong keep his medals is the best decision. Why take away his titles? Nothing will change. There is no proof whatsoever that he is, or was taking drugs. Just because his competitors say that he took drugs means nothing at all. He is an honest man and did not cheat. He earned he titles and medals fair and square. Thats Our Presentation!!!


http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/24/sports/cycling/lance-armstrong-ends-fight-against-doping-charges-losing-his-7-tour-de-france-titles.html?pagewanted=all Bibliography Pros Pros Parents wont get agree at schools
Kids don't spend all their time in the rooms
No risk of kids wanting to keep having tantrums. Cons Kids may hurt themselves or someone else
Schools have to come up with a new punishment. Conclusion In conclusion Washington should ban isolation rooms.
Since they anger parents, stop kids from being in class and making kids want to have tantrums.
Though some people may say that they’re a good punishment and they keep kids having tantrums from hurting people.
While the Cons are highly persuasive my debunk shows that they can be broken down in almost one solution. Debunk The first con of the schools have to come up with a new way to stop kids from having tantrums the schools can just talk to the kid’s parents or have the kids see a counselor.
This will also help solve the second Con of if a kid does have a tantrum the kid may hurt themselves and or someone else. Cer reality Isolation room - small padded rooms with nothing in them isolation room.
Isolation rooms are put in schools in Washington.
Kids can be sent to the room for a timeout (without telling the parents).
Sometimes these timeouts can even last for hours.
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