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Air Pollution

No description

Evelyn H

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Air Pollution

Air Pollution What causes Air Pollution? Emissions from manufacturing activities If you have driven by a factory, then you'll notice that there are long tubes that release smoke out of them. But that smoke is actually high levels of CO2, organic compounds, and chemicals. Problems like this is the #1 source of pollution in the United States and over 400,000 factories use fresh water to wash away wastes in the factory. Burning fossil fuels (This includes gasoline, diesel, oil, and coal) Other things that can cause air pollution ... Windblown dust, fireworks, smoke from wood stoves, backyard burning, and even forces of nature such as forest fires Effects on humans People with asthma and old people are the most effected. Air pollution can harm lung development in children, and cause early childhood asthma. As stated before, it can cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive effects. Effects on the environment We all need fuel for our cars so we burn a lot of it. Every step of burning releases Sulfur, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, heavy metals, and particulates. And in each step of the process, it increases the number of asthma cases, cancer, and birth defects. Even if it can bring goods and people together, it causes a lot of air pollution. And transportation require fossil fuels so its a big issue (especially in Canada). This includes cars and trucks, recreational vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, farming equipment, forklift and ice resurfacers, and boats. The pollution from these things cause the air quality to go down, changes the climate in a negative way, produces acid rain, and smog. Transportation What is it? Air pollution occurs when gases, smoke, fumes, etc are put into the atmosphere in a bad way and it becomes harmful to humans, plants, animals, and the environment. It can cause damage in vegetation that includes crops, flowers, shrubs and forests by interfering with the plants' ability to produce and store food. This damage makes them more susceptible to disease, pests and environmental stresses. Acid rain - affects soil, water bodies, vegetation, & animals. SMOG Smog contributes a large amount of air pollution in our air. It comes from burning fossil fuels that we use to drive cars, heat up our homes, etc. Its produced when heat and sunlight react with gases and fine particles in the air. Gradually, it builds up and turns into a mixture of pollutants. Smog can also worsen heart problems, asthma, bronchitis and other lung problems. It can reduce lung function in healthy people and it also irritates the eyes, nose and throat. How to protect yourself from Air Pollution walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation
reduce the amount of energy you use at home
cut back on the amount of packaging you buy
don't burn wood or trash
don't smoke
don't use gas or diesel powered items (ex. lawn mowers)
garden without pesticides
buy local produce
use a canvas bag instead of the plastic ones
plant trees or flowers W E A R A F A C E M A S K ! ! !
Stay hydrated
Stay inside if the air quality is poor How can YOU help reduce air pollution? Stay hydrated Stay inside if the air quality outside is poor If we keep this up, then someday this could be us So help reduce air pollution today! Made by: Evelyn Alexis & The end ! ! ! Air pollution in Canada In terms of air quality, Canada is known as one of the worlds top nations when it comes to clean air (tied with Australia and Estonia). However, about 2400 people still die every year from bad air quality. 5 Facts on Air Pollution Breathing in metropolitan areas such as LA can reduce your life expectancy by 2-3 years
Transportation sources account for 90% of cancer risks with air pollution
If you live by busy traffic, your chances of getting cancer are much higher
Your lungs will be equally damaged as a person who smokes if you're exposed to ozone and matter
Toxic air is a bigger problem for children than adults References youtube.com

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