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Forced Teaming Lesson

No description

Matthew Singleton

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Forced Teaming Lesson

Forced teaming can be used when you want your reader to believe that they are part of the story as well. In many cases the author uses forced teaming so that the audience believes that they are part of the goal or plan and also to persuade them. How can it be used? Forced teaming is used when a author or a speaker uses words like “We or “Our” frequently.

the repetition of words like “We” or “Our” in a speakers speech or a author’s story What is forced teaming? By: Kristin H., Daniela G., & Destiny G. Forced Teaming Our lifestyle doesn’t make us who we are, but that path we chose for ourselves.

Time and time again we tend to doubt our abilities, But if we were much more positive and take this comfortably, with out hesitation and just say “we got this” we would accomplish so much more. More examples We all know that our success in life should be judged by how much money we make

We all know that life is not easy, But in many ways we can make things less harder for ourselves. Examples
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