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Barry sanders Research project

No description

mason leuthard

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Barry sanders Research project

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Barry Sanders Childhood Barry sanders was born July 16, 1968 in Witicha, Kansas. His parents were Shirley Ann and William Sanders. He had 11 brothers and sisters. College Barry sanders went to Oklahomah state. He set records the energetic style of running he had. He was not the starter until his junior year. Barry Had four 300 yard games, and a NCAA single season rushing record of 2,628 yards. Over the season, he led the nation by rushing for over 200 yards per game and averaging 7.6 yards per carry. He scored 39 total touchdows. In which 37 were rushing, that was also an NCAA record. In recognition of his accomplishments he was awarded the Heisman Trophy. Pro career In 1989, Barry Sanders arrived at the NFL with another year of college eligibillity. He was selected in the first round and the 3rd pick by the Lions.In his first season, Barry Sanders ran for over 1,000 yards and finished second in the NFL in yards gained and touchdowns scored, at only 5'8". He was elected rookie of the year. According to barrysanders.com, "Barry Sanders was a true human highlight reel"[Barry,Barrysanders.com]. In 1994 Barry Sanders recieved th NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award. Stats Led NCAA in rushing in 1988 with an all-time record 2,628 rushing yards while at Oklahoma State.
Set 34 NCAA records during the 1988 season.
1988 Heisman Trophy winner.
1988 First-Team All-American.
1988 Maxwell Award winner
1988 Walter Camp Award winner.
NFL Rookie of the Year on 1989.
Two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year
First player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards in his first 10 seasons
10-time Pro Bowler: 1989-98
10-time All-Pro: 1989-98 retirement Barry Sanders retired in 2004. He was with the Lions his entire career. He wore Number twenty. Even though he retired early he still was one of the greatest running backs ever to play the game. He was introduced to the hall of fame in 2004.
According to thinkexist.com “I wish my teammates, coaches and the entire Lions organization all the best.” (Barry,thinkexist.com) Quotes According to thinkexist.com “I was baptized in the eighth grade, but I didn't really understand what it meant. Then it was in college that I really had my faith tested... I met some people who challenged me to a greater commitment-people who really loved God and were walking with God with no compromise. They weren't afraid to get in my face and challenge me. That's the point when I was saved.”(Barry,thinkexist.com)
According to thinkexists.com “My desire to exit the game is greater than my desire to remain in it. I have searched my heart through and through and feel comfortable with this decision.” (Barry,thinkexist.com) A Knapp, Ron. Barry Sanders. Berkely Heights, NJ: Enslow Publisher, INC, 1999.
The book “Barry Sanders” it helped me understand what Barry went through in his career at the NFL, and how the seasons were tough but he never gave up. He was so humble and let his playing do the talking.

Walker, Willie. “Everything is Purple.” Internet: <www.insare.com> 1/16/13.
This web page gave me all the statistics i have on Barry Sanders. He had so many I had to pick the best ones because i didn’t have enough room, and showed he was a true superstar on the rode to becoming one of the grreatest running backs in history.

“Barry Sanders Biography.” Internet: <www.barrysanders.com> 1/15/13, 1/16/13.
The “Barry Sanders Biography” really helped me understand what his entire life was about, not just his football career. It gave me information on his family, withount leaving out all of his accomplishments. Barry Sanders did some great things in his career but his possitive, never give up attitude was truely admireable.
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