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The Standards Code

No description

Corinne Lyons

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of The Standards Code

Laws, Rules and Policies
Alpha Delta Pi members will abide by all federal, state/province and local laws, as well as the standing rules, policies, standards and bylaws of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, the local chapter and the university/college
Alpha Delta Pi ritual and sorority business are private and belong only to members; accordingly, members will not communicate ritual or sorority business to non-members.
Members may not release a copy of Alpha Delta Pi Bylaws.
Alpha Delta Pi expects that each of its members will be committed to high academic standards and will exemplify that commitment through classroom attendance and performance
Each member shall promptly meet her financial obligations.

Moral Conduct
Alpha Delta Pi expects a sister to have a set of personal standards, which commands self-respect.
Personal pride, integrity, honesty and respect should govern the attitude, appearance, language, manners and conduct of each Alpha Delta Pi member.
The Standards Code
Hazing in any form is absolutely prohibited in Alpha Delta Pi. Alpha Delta Pi members will not haze, nor allow themselves to be hazed. Hazing is any situation, which creates mental or physical abuse, discomfort, embarrassment, ridicule or harassment, whether on or away from sorority property.
Alpha Delta Pi prohibits practices, which include but are not limited to kidnapping, scavenger hunts, walkouts, new member sneaks, road trips or the use or display of paddles.
We expect members to take personal responsibility for their health by developing understanding attitudes and practices, which contribute to positive lifestyles.

The use of alcohol is a matter of personal choice for those of legal drinking age. Each member is expected to make responsible choices regarding alcohol. Misuse or abuse of alcohol reflects unfavorably on the public image of Alpha Delta Pi and the entire Greek system and has the potential for serious health risks.

Alcohol will not be brought into, stored, consumed or served in any chapter house, lodge, room or apartment owned and/or operated by Alpha Delta Pi.
Alcohol will not be permitted at any recruitment event, Membership Selection Session, new member retreat, bid day activity, fund-raising or philanthropic event, in conjunction with Initiation or any event where Alpha Delta Pi ritual is used.
Alpha and Delta members will not permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in drinking games.
No member will be involved in any pre or post party.
Illegal Drugs
Alpha Delta Pi members will not use, will not have in their possession, and will not traffic in illegal drugs.
Controlled Substances
Alpha Delta Pi members will not use, will not have in their possession and will not traffic in controlled substances, such as narcotic and non-narcotic drugs, including but not limited to, illegal drugs, prescription drugs used abusively or prescription drugs in the possession of someone other than the prescription holder

Media, Websites and the Internet
Members may not use the name of Alpha Delta Pi, a chapter or refer to lions, violets, etc. in any manner on any website, social networking site or anywhere on the Internet in any manner that conflicts with Alpha Delta Pi policies and standards.

Housing and Visitation
Where Alpha Delta Pi housing is provided, it is maintained for the benefit of all members and as the official residence of a chapter it impacts the campus image of that chapter. A positive reflection of Alpha Delta Pi standards is to be conveyed at all times.
Therefore, no twenty-four hour visitation policy is permitted. Male visitation is to be limited to the social areas of the chapter house, lodge, suite or apartment.
Out-of-Town Parties and Overnight Accommodations
Alpha Delta Pi members shall not arrange overnight accommodations for themselves and dates, either as a group or on an individual basis, in relation to a sorority function.
Sexual Harassment
We reject all activities, including competitive games, which are destructive, demeaning, abusive and promote divisiveness and those which promote a negative image of the Greek community in general.
Auxiliary groups
Alpha Delta Pi chapters are not permitted to initiate or sponsor any "Big Brother," "Little Brother," or similar type men’s auxiliary group. Alpha Delta Pi strongly discourages participation in “Little Sister” or similar type groups as auxiliaries of fraternities. Participation in auxiliary groups may jeopardize Alpha Delta Pi Sorority’s single sex status.
Any member found to be in violation of this Standards Code is subject to disciplinary measures or membership cancellation as provided in the Bylaws of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Implementation of the procedures for handling infractions of the Standards Code is the responsibility of the Standards Council and the Executive Board.
In addition to the conduct defined in this Standards Code, any action by a member, which adversely affects Alpha Delta Pi, herself, or any other member is specifically prohibited and the member is subject to the same procedural provisions as are those members whose conduct is specifically addressed herein.
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