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How Do People Become Racist?

L.A. Racism Mini-research Project

Inori Yuzuriha

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of How Do People Become Racist?

Racism forms at ages as young as 3-5
Doll test
Faces test

The only reason given was--because it's "black"
Although some public opinion is that kids under the age of about 8-10 do not have a clear sense of racial bias, that is not true.

Kids and Adults
Although people tends to form racial biases at ages as young as 3-5, the following factors apply to all ages.
People can become racist because they want to be like everyone else.

Mine-ground vs. underground
Immigrants to countries where there's high level racism is proved to become more racist.
1. Media--information are always displayed in front of thousands of people, and "interesting things" are presented the most.

2. Businesses/money-- the use of this prejudice to make money, ex: dolls.
There's Hope
Although a lot of the factors based on human nature, education and parental lessons are effective ways of fixing these so people, especially kids, can become less racists and stop ignoring.

Be proactive! Avoiding the problem makes it worst!
A Critical Time

All researches prove that children as young as 3-5 can have strong racial biases.

The racial prejudice developed during childhood is also proved to be hard-to-change in the person’s life.

People tends to ignore the true right/wrong and think what they like to think.
This is strengthened by everyone ignoring together.
Ignorance makes things that are wrong to "right"
Including businesses/money.
How Do People Become Racists?
Let's Start With Childhood

By: Shu Dong
Young Kids Actively Think About Race
Think about when you get into a new

Kids that young don't really have much logic, they just copy.

Why, why, why?
Kids try to figure out solutions base on the

Parents who try to not talk to their kids about race leads to children developing racism on their own.

It's A Part of Human Nature...
Going with the "better"/similar group
People naturally want to go with the group of people that they resemble

People wants to go with the "better" group. That's it, people not white have a lower reputation.
Lack of Confidence and Social Norm
People can be depressed and that affects their daily performance although what's said to them might not be the truth.

Studies have looked at test scores of African Americans that are under constant racial prejudice.

The depressed groups of people can "give up."
Promotion and Ignorance
All From The: Environment
Family--observing parents' discussions and reinforcement
Peers--discussions at school(mostly about "interesting things") and hanging out
Media--face book
Thank You!

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All of this really started with colonialism.
With Industrial Revolution

Then slavery and to today.

*All of these accompanied by factors still around today like human nature.
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