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OAP Smart Pill Dispenser by IoT Makers

No description

Daniel Müller da Veiga

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of OAP Smart Pill Dispenser by IoT Makers

Our project starts by identifying a need that directly affects the health of thousands of people around the world.
Researchers from Mayo Clinic showed that 70% of Americans take at least one prescribed medicine. 20% uses 5 or more drugs.
The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics estimate that if doctors and patients used prescription drugs more wisely, it could save $213B in health care costs.
Our team sought ideas that could solve this problem interactively, simple to use and adapt to the life of our target custumers. In addition to providing information that make the user experiencemore complete.
IoT (Internet of Things) is basically enable a device to exchange information over the internet, so that you can control, access information remotely or to allow devices to work automatically.
That's where the IoT enters
Libelium Smart World Infographic
Shows the benefits of a City which IoT devices monitors and enhance our management ability.
See more at www.libelium.com
Our idea is a smart pill dispenser that facilitates the management and use of medications, providing both the patient and the doctor or caregivers relevant information of the use of meds. These functions are translated into a device and a virtual platform accessible through Internet by any device.
Device Prototypes
App Prototype
To view better the main fields involving our idea and the business it could generate we made a Business Model Canvas.
Finally we did some interviews/surveys to feel how people could react in contact with our idea it results in very precious data which generates insights to our development process. Below are some of these insights.
Thank You!
IoT Makers
Bruno Vilela | Daniel Müller | David Kidd | Jay Mayers | Kait Hilliard | Kris Roosen | Paulo Machado (Mentor) | Yaoguang Wei
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