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End of World War I

No description

Kaili Johnson

on 24 February 2017

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Transcript of End of World War I

German Spring Offensives
Along the Western Front
British and Allies vs Germany
Germany lost
Battle of Amiens
Amiens, France
Allies vs Germany
Germany lost

Major Battles
New technologies introduced or developed
Other War-Related Events
Artillery was the dominant weapon in the battlefield in 1918.
Guns fired high explosives, smoke and gas shells, and shrapnel
Artillery provided barrage and counter battery firing
They could also be used against enemy aircraft
Lewis guns, grenades, rifle-bombs, light mortars
January- Woodrow Wilson makes Fourteen Points speech to Congress
November- Kaiser Wilhelm II flees to Holland
November- German republic is founded
November 11- Armistice Day- War stops at 11 am
January 1918-November 1918
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Major countries involved
Summary of 1918
The final year of the war brought upon the Germans to make a final large-scale attack, but it ended as a failure for the Central Powers. The Allies were able to win many of the battles. When the German Army was no longer able to advance, the fighting ceased and an armistice was signed, signifying that the Allies had won.
End of World War I
Triple Entente
United States (Wilson)
Russia: Left the war in March (Nicholas II)
Central Powers
Germany (Wilhelm II)
Ottoman Empire
November 11, 1918
The End of the War
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