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Hypnotic Behavior

No description

Sean Staicer

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Hypnotic Behavior

Behavior Nicholas Spanos Hypnosis
The Two Views Hypnosis
The Two Views The Big Idea Ernest Hilgard-An Altered State of Consciousness Spanos- A Sociocognitive Process There are multiple forms of hypnosis Received PhD at Boston University Why? Professor of psychology at Carlton Wrote 183 journal articles and 19 textbook chapters there Hilgard viewed hypnosis as a completely altered state of consciousness He argued for the theory of the hidden observer The two being mind Misconceptions People see hypnosis as an external source forcing one to do such actions instead of the subject Hypnosis has to do with the context the subject is hypnotized in Hypnotics is a combination of involuntary and voluntary actions Uses phrases like "Imagine your legs relaxing, becoming heavy" then later phrases like "Your legs are relaxed and heavy Actions acted out have to do with the social context The actions have to do with the hypnotists expectations Uses the involuntary statement, then the voluntary one Sociocognitive Hypnotist says things that are first interpreted as involuntary then later as voluntary Can be related to Multiple Personality Disorder People will act how they think they are supposed to act in the situational context ex. Hypnotist says "you are on a nice sandy beach"... You will automatically think of certain things that were not yet put into play. You can be hypnotized by anything The subject acts according to the hypnotists explanation
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