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Untitled Prezi

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Daniela Florez Franco

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Bully is ...
Humiliated,attack a person,hurt,spreading rumors,physically hurt or ignore someone intentionally WHAT IS BULLYING? No one deserves to feel less for being different by not being what others claim that god will be made ​​in a way and manner that made you made ​​you perfect the bullying is unacceptable no one deserves to be humiliated by being who he is and no one should humiliated by not tolerant. ¡BULLYING STINKS ! STOP BULLYING Bullying and cyberbullying is the most cause to suicide in teen ayers the best known cases are: "Call someone fat,ugly or stupid don't gonna make you skinny,beaty or intelligent" Bullying don't just exist in the school. Also exist people that suffer bullying through internet this is called ciberbullying... Most cause to suicide in teen ayers are committed for this cause.Pages like ask.fm-facebook-twitter are the principal pages from bully's decide to hurt and insult people... Amanda Tood Charlotte Cambridge Olivia Penpraze One Direction Demi Lovato Falcao Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Amanda Tood What you do suffer from bullying or bullying?
If you suffer from bullying not afraid to say you not alone many people will support you're not the one who went through this but if you're somebody that bullying questioner doing this right? Really need to insult people to feel good about yourself ...
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