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the sea of technology!!

my final assignment for edcmooc!!

Leontini Lym

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of the sea of technology!!

Sometimes I imagine the new technologies like an endless sea so many new things for you to discover! I will use sea as a metaphor to describe you my thoughts Most people love swimming in the shallow crystal clear water! It relaxes and pleases you!! The shallow waters seem familiar and having a quick dive make you feel secure. The same as the technological achievements trying to do Let's start with the Utopian way of view of the technology! utopian view of the technology By getting all our works done while we are at work/home/on the go,
new applications make our life easier! encounters
inventiveness Technology has helped education make enormous steps to the future! equality freedom autonomy It is like a constant show!
Technology captures
all the senses at once!! Let us focus on education
for a while... The positive view and technologies Education Claims to have free access to anyone
Technology is huminised by education
Creates really strong motivation for the learners
Allows the flipped classroom model
Better understanding of the student’s needs (one-on-one Student-Teacher)
You choose what you want to learn!
New creative learning processes
Equality – freedom – autonomy
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) MOOC It is a revolutionary and creative learning process! (Massive numbers of students) Large Scale Open access (study wherever
you are!!) Distance education More opportunities Open learning MOOC Education & New technologies but
wait!! if everything around us is so simplified, will this make our life more dull and boring? Has
closely... ...or pushed us further apart? Do we find ourselves so obsessed with technology that we loose everyday life?? Do you really have a choice

??? If you have no internet connection
does this mean that you have no equal access to knowledge? will there be a huge divide between those who are plugged in and those who don't? If we blindly accept new technologies, it would be like diving in an unknown deep sea where dystopian and unexpected outcomes may result.. Dystopian view of technology no internet no equal access only the privileged have access on knowledge lack of critical thinking not real
face to face
communication lack of contact
with each other too much time spent in front of a screen ( taken from craigssenseofwonder.files.wordpress.com) it's a vicious circle... and what about real life?? Degradation of the environment &

Depletion of natural resources.. no privacy surveillance cameras political control consumerism taken from onlyhdwallpapers.com Will the man of the future be able to express real emotions? Or he will be so abstracted by technology that he will be so confused with what is human and what is machine? On the other hand, will the machine succeed to be constructed such as humans? to feel...?! my personal artifact from week 3 At the end of the day , this MOOC
has made me think!! (many thanks to my new friends from Edcmooc who have helped me these past few weeks through numerous e-conferences to organize & develop my thoughts!!)
pushed me out of my comfort zone
made me realize that learning can unfold in many ways
made me re-think of my teaching methods &
think about the multiple interpretations of what classroom is and how e-learning approaches fit-in But I still believe that classroom is and
always will be necessary concerning the young people! the world
is empowered
with access
to almost any
information image taken from ppt-backgrounds.net music Phillip Glass - Facades Does internet damage our capacity to think? image taken from waltor.com
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