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Green Downstream from Martech Research

No description

Thomas Vander Leek

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Green Downstream from Martech Research

Green Downstream®

Martech Research,

Our Philosophy
James Lovelock - author of the "Gaia" theory and inspiration for Martech's Green Downstream ® philosophy
The "Gaia" Theory
James Lovelock's "Gaia" theory, speaks of a balance on Earth between living and non-living parts. "If we do not take care of the Earth (Gaia)," Lovelock says, "then the Earth will take care of itself - even if it means getting rid of us."
Our Solution
Our process is called Green Downstream®for a good reason. It describes formulations that digest accumulated biohazards with natural enzymes. These technologies actually eat these harmful pollutants. Furthermore, each ingredient goes after a specific type of compound to break it down into small unit-building blocks. Not only do these compounds work to eliminate blockages and/or odors, but they are used to maintain the cleansing and balance in pipes, drains, sewers and publicly owned treatment works.
Municipal infrastructure issues .......
increased wastewater treatment ......
And possibly ...........?
Without changing our current habits ........
we will remain in a pattern that repeats itself again and again ...
- always treating the same problems,
- never gaining ground,
- increasing labor and maintenance costs,
- requiring expensive repairs to our infrastructure, and enduring higher fees to treat the wastewater.
But ... what if there was a better way?
What if you could ......
lower labor costs?
lower maintenance costs?
decrease cleaning chemical inventories?
reduce employee risk hazards?
ensure a safer facility?
and ensure a cleaner facility, all by using a product line specifically designed to severely reduce or eliminate these costly issues?
Introducing GREEN DOWNSTREAM® from Martech Research
The Green Downstream® Difference!
Clean drains......
Clean floors and equipment....
Reduced risk of fines from municipalities......
Reduction in water treatment......
Less pollution!
Efficient grease traps.....
Clear plumbing lines......
Solutions for many Industries!
Whether you own a small Mom and Pop store, run a grocery chain, restaurant empire, manufacturing facility or processing plant - Martech Research has a Green Downstream® solution for you!
For additional information ......
Martech Research - Corporate Office
(803) 428-2000
Website - www.martechresearch.com
Green Cleaning Div. - Thomas Vander Leek
(231) 883-9050
Sales Manager - Chris Sherrill
(803) 459-2427
Technical Director - Benedict Maresca
(803) 428-2000

Thank you for "flowing down the green stream" with us!
Green Downstream® products are formulated using the latest in enzymatic and microbial technologies. They are manufactured in one of our two facilities, located in Bishopville, S.C. We use only ingredients that are listed on the EPA's Inert"B" list, and the "Cleangredients" list from the "Design for the Environment" program. This allows us to provide our clients with superior cleaning solutions that are safe for them, their employees and our environment. But how can Green Downstream® products make a difference in your facility?
Clogged Drains ..........
The Current Trend
Many of today 's "cleaning" products are great at capturing the contaminants from the surfaces we clean. But what happens once they're captured? Are they gone forever? Or do they continue to cause problems "Downstream," leading to ............
Inefficient grease traps .......

Clogged pipes ..........
Green Downstream® products are packed with different blends of enzymes and, depending on the product, microbial strains, which are designed to go after and eliminate many of the common contaminants that industries find problematic. From FOGs to Hydrocarbon-based grease and oil to fingerprints, we have you covered.
Unlike typical emulsifying products, which lead to increased maintenance/labor/repair costs, Green Downstream® products break down the contaminants into smaller units, which then become food for the microbes that already exist within our environment. By using Green Downstream® products, you will experience.........
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