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Charlie Brown's Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction doesn't have to be complicated. Enjoy this fun presentation outlining the concept of DI which offers practical ways to implement it.

Victoria Chandler

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of Charlie Brown's Differentiated Instruction

... a shift akin to that of the birth of mass media in renaissance era. It's that big. What is Differentiated Instruction? The Situation and the Challenge:
A Diverse Group of Students Writing
Needs Organization Needs Language
confusion) Test Anxiety Students Who
Need to be
Challenged Musically
Students Social &
Needs Bullies Slower Learners Uncertain Attentive Well Behaved First:
Get to know
the student... insecure persistent creative imaginative forgiving The Context Team Work Safe & Stress-Free Environment
Supportive Members
in the
Community of Learners Collaboration Strategies: A Fresh Perspective Learning Styles Groupings: Cooperative Learning Peer Support
'Study Buddy' Individual
Help Word of Encouragement Simple modifications
can produce
amazing results. Students Who
Distract Others Celebrate Even
Minor Successes Students with
visual needs. determined and focused Loving Leadership Qualities Hidden
Potential Discouraged at times Confident at times Movement Drama Music Carefully Select
Groups/Partners Maybe Not OK: Probably OK: If a teacher expresses high expectations
about a struggling student
(e. g., that s/he believes the student will succeed), the student will begin to view himself/herself
as more capable. Teach self-regulatory skills and how to
evaluate their own performance. We all need to know
we're on the right track. Adapt Preteach
Student Interview/Conference M is for:
Measurable goals
Modify content, process, product: materials, instruction, pacing, assignments, testing
Memory strategies
Mind research - brain based practices
Meaningful instruction Now, how do you feel about DI? More relaxed? More confident? Some Final Words: Don't worry. DI isn't elusive. Just look closely at:
the data regarding each student
how successful the strategies are It all
begins with
an accurate
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