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No description

Kathlene French

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Tastycake

Their cakes were a hit now all they needed was a name. Herbert's wife solved that problem when after biting into one of the cakes she declared "What a tasty cake!" Soon after, Herbert Morris was struck with inspiration and sketched out a logo for the new name. His design has remained pretty much the same ever since.
The krimpet was originally a finger shaped cake with a thick layer of icing, but when the bakers tried to pick up the cake it was so moist it fell apart between their fingers. Someone recommended that the bakers "crimp it" it worked, and the name stuck.
How they got their name
First Day/Deliveries
1930's Pie-oneers
On their first day of business Tasty Baking company sold $28 worth of snack cakes at a dime each. By the end of the first week they had made $222. At the end of the year, sales reached $300,000!
To make their deliveries tastykake used their trademark horse and wagon a familiar sight on the streets of Philadelphia. Horses were very valuable to the company's success, and they were given great care by the drivers. The last horse was retired in 1941.
In the early thirties Baur and Morris came up with their most innovative product yet: pies individually wrapped to fit in lunch boxes. No one had ever seen or tasted anything like them, and they were soon a staple in lunch boxes and brown bags around the city.

Friday, June 13, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
How they got started
Phillip Baur, cofounder of Tasty Baking Company, was born to bake. His father owned the Bauer Brothers Bakery in Pittsburgh, and at an early age Phillip eagerly learned the basics of snack making - great taste, good value, and most importantly fresh ingredients
Philip and his partner Herbert Morris set there eyes on the bustling town of Philadelphia. They walked for 3 days until they found the perfect building on Sedgley Avenue. There were some difficulties at first like the air was more humid than Pittsburgh, so the icing wouldn't thicken like it did back home. They finally got the first cakes rolling off the assembly line.
In 2011 Tasty Baking merged with Flowers Foods, one of the largest baking companies in the U.S. Joining with Flowers has allowed Tastykake to bring Philadelphia's favorite snack cakes to retail stores around the country, introducing millions of Americans to one of Philadelphia's loved treats.

First Day
The Krimpet is born!
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