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Types of Sentences

No description

Donna Sorgen

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences
Simple Sentences
One independent clause is a simple sentence.

1 Subject + 1 Predicate= One Independent Clause -
Call me a Simple Sentence

1. Ashley and I like to play softball.
2. I like to play softball and read books.

Compound Sentence
1 Independent clause
+1 Independent clause (or more)
1 Compound Sentence

1. I went to the game early, but I forgot my wallet.
2. I went to the game early, so I could get a good seat.
Compound-Complex Sentences
1 (at least) Dependent clause
+ 2 (at least) Independent clauses
A Compound-Complex Sentence

1. I enjoy listening to music, so I bought a new CD when my grandma gave me birthday money.
2. Since my hairdryer broke, I have to get up earlier, so I have time to let my hair dry.
FANBOYS=Compound Sentences
These coordinating conjunctions are used to CONNECT two independent clauses (sentences). Without coordinating conjunctions you must use punctuation....

Complex Sentences
1 Independent Clause + (at least) 1 Dependent Clause = Complex
1. I like to ride my skateboard when I get home from school.
2. People who rely on their skateboard get to school faster than walkers.
Which is dependent and which is independent?
What is the difference between a dependent and independent clause?
How are the independent clauses connected in a compound sentence?
Why is it important to vary our types of sentences in our writing?
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