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Advertising for Fashion 2

Left Bank

genesis fonseca

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Advertising for Fashion 2

The Teaser
-"There's Something on the LEFT" 10-11-12
- "Step inside of Fashion" 10-15-12
-"More to be Revealed" 10-20-12 Phase one There's Something on the LEFT Step Inside of Fashion More to be Revealed Vision Evening wear Campaign Left Bank Left Bank Left Bank Left Bank Left Bank The Left Bank takes you to the World you’ve always dreamed of, with customized eveningwear.

It is unique, trendy, elegant… out of this world.

The new collection stands apart from the competition with its customization and personalization capabilities. This feature of the new addition to the company, really brings the Left Bank to the top of the eveningwear sector for 2012. This unique and exciting factor should be highlighted and emphasized to all types of customers. Our Theme Left Bank

The Left Bank wants to bring their customers most desired dreams to life by offering amazing eveningwear pieces that will fulfill their dreams and wishes with a collection inspired on elegant and delicate flowers.

The Left Bank wants to create and celebrate a magical, luxurious, and elegant lifestyle with their new collection, and we will attain that. Our Goals Left Bank Display the true luxury and beauty of the new eveningwear collection

Express the valuable features of the collection

Spread word about the new collection to those customers with high prestige

Involve the customers and interact with them, to emphasize personal attention factor

Increase online sales and in-store traffic

Use bloggers and social media heavily to saturate the online world

Use three methods in each phase: Reach, Motivate, Excite. The Campaign Left Bank left Bank Each phase will…

Use a mixture of television and magazine print advertisements.

Use a unique social media plan through LB twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Have a unique personal selling plan that provides employee incentive just as much as we provide customer incentive.

Have a coordinating event to emphasize each particular phase.

Use “the three keys” for optimal customer attention and sales:
Reach, Motivate, and Excite our customers. The Three Keys REACH

It is very important to reach your customers in a way that intrigues them.

Once you reach them, they will come into the store, or log online to find out more information. The Three Keys MOTIVATE

The second key is important because not everyone is going to react from your communication with them.

By giving your customers an alternate reason to come in the store, one that benefits them, they will certainly take an extra interest in the brand.

It is important to know the customer well enough to know exactly what types of incentives would bring them in. The Three Keys EXCITE
It’s a good idea to keep the customer involved and get them excited about the brand. Keeping the customer involved can create true patrons to the brand. First we will introduce our two unique programs, developed
to be innovative and successful moves for the Left Bank. Our Unique
Social Media Plan & Our Unique
Personal Selling Plan Our Unique Social Media Plan We want to interact one on one with the customer.

The potential buyers will act like fashion buyers.

Promo codes and discounts to encourage loyalty and purchases.


Behind the scenes and teasers

Electronic word of mouth. Our Unique Social Media Plan OUR BLOG:
Launch of the LB-insider blog.

Real and relatable
Give competitive edge and they convert readers into customers.

Reach out to at least 200 bloggers that fit the LB evening wear lifestyle; 100 will be editorial blogs and the other 100 will be street style.

3-month partnership with the biggest bloggers on each region
Special events
Event appearances. Our Unique Personal Selling Plan We created a Personal selling plan that incorporates training sessions twice per month and continuous employee incentives The 7 Steps of Selling 1. Greeting the customer
2. Understanding their needs
3. Restating & confirming
4. Formulating a solution
5. Asking for the sale
6. Closing the deal
7. Linking in your whole business Our Unique Personal Selling Plan Our Unique Personal
Selling Plan Training Sessions PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE TRAINING Product Knowledge
Can mean more sales
Strengthens communication skills How to gain Product Knowledge
Marketing Literature
Training Sessions
Role Playing
Practical Use Training Sessions The employees learn…Pricing StructureStyles, colors & models availableHistory of the productAny special manufacturing processesHow to use the productDistribution & DeliveryServicing, warranty & repair information Employee Incentives The best seller during each phase wins their dream dress.

The best seller of each month wins a makeup kit.

Each quarter the employees will compete to see who can style the best
new product for display. The Teaser There's Something on the LEFT Step INSIDE of Fashion More to be REVEALED. REACH Direct Mail
Teaser cards will be sent through direct mail to current customers for priority information.

Print ads will be placed in national fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, In Style, Elle, many online publications; and also on billboards and high traffic public areas, each location localized to the city. Phase Mailer Card Left Bank Introducing… Eveningwear By. Genesis Fonseca Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles- Miami – New York –San Francisco The Teaser There's Something on the LEFT Step Inside of Fashion More to be REVEALED. Left Bank MOTIVATE Public Relations
Pre-launch trunk show for current customers to have the first exposure to the new collection
Press release sent to media and bloggers to begin the buzz.

Sales Promotion
Teaser cards will be placed in the pockets of every LOLA denim jeans sold, and in shopping bags at La Femme Parfaite counters starting in September.
Launch After Party
With any Left Bank purchase in September, ENTER TO WIN! Attend a private after party with Left Bank designers and executives the evening of the Launch show. Pre-Launch Trunk Show Press Realese Evening Wear line by the Left Bank presents 2012 Collection at Conservatory Garden Fashion Show. Celebrated eveningwear designers of the left bank labels will launch their 2012 “Flower” collection at their anniversary fashion week shows. The label will unveil the new collection (DATE) at 6:00pm on the Central Park Conservatory Garden in New York’s city. Sponsored by Moet Chandon Champagne show will exhibit Left Bank’s remarkable vision for the upcoming seasons and will be accented by their beautiful accessories label and makeup artists. Flower World ventures deep into the beautiful gardens of nyc on 2012, while designers fill each dress with enough sparkle with a fun customized touch where modern prints will show off by their extensive gamma of textiles from all over the world. Showcasing the sensuality and femininity of the collection through its fits and fabrics that add to its luxe appeal. Innovative fast-drying textiles feel like a second ski, body-conscious cuts flatter the body and the fabrics adjusts to create the best silhouette on each woman, because these designs will be custom made. The collection’s gowns, short dresses, skirts, shorts and jackets define an entire new chapter for couturiers, because these pieces are reminiscent of a princess elegant gown. Tying looks together, in combination with edgy leather and silk accessories debut for 2012.

-end- Launch After party The Teaser There's Something on the LEFT Step Inside of Fashion More to be REVEALED. Left Bank More To be REVEALED. 11 12 06 03 Days Hours Minutes Seconds step INSIDE of Fashion There's Something On the LEFT. The campaign will include 5 phases

Phase 1: Teaser Campaign (one month) 3 ads.
September 1“there's something on the LEFT ”
september 10 "Step INSIDE of Fashion"
september 20 "More to be REVEALED."

Phase 2: Launch Campaign October 01 -November
seasonal autumn flower “Amethyst Lilac ”

Phase 3: Campaign, December - January - February
seasonal winter flower“ Rose ”

Phase 4: March - April - May.
award season & seasonal Spring flower
“ Orquid ”

Phase 5: June - July - August
Seasonal summer flower“ Aster” More to be REVEALED. 11 12 06 03 Days Hours Minutes Seconds The Left Bank
Invites You Eveningwear
Trunkshow Monday October First.
Twenty twelve. Seven Pm. Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles- Miami – New York – San Francisco EXCITE

Personal Selling
The display team will set up a visual display in-store to match the teaser cards.
Employees are introduced to the new Personal Selling program that will provide incentives and prizes for them.

Social Media
Teaser images will be posted on the Left Bank facebook and twitter sites, and also on the Left Bank website. Curious viewers can only try to guess what the images are to find out the great event coming soon! Phase Two Left Bank The Launch "Amethyst Lilac" Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles- Miami – New York – San Francisco "Amethyst Lilac" Introducing... Eveningwear. Left Bank

Direct Mail
Look books sent to all customers and potential customers in store areas.
Mailer card to all customers

New ads replace the teaser ads in all locations. Ads also posted in airports and in in-flight entertainment.

Social Media
LB facebook & twitter accounts begin reaching customers. Reach Phase Mailer Card Look Book Teaser Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles- Miami – New York – San Francisco Left Bank

Public Relations
Launch Fashion Show NYC
Launch Fashion Show After Party in NYC

Sales Promotion
-“More Means More” program
Bring a friend into the store to shop, and win a $30 Gift Card.
-Introduce Loyalty V.I.P. membership with perks such as special events and after-hours shopping. Launch party Launch Fashion Show NYC invitations Launch After party "Motivate"
Public Relations &
Sales Promotion Left Bank "More means More" Program Loyalty VIP Membership Bring in a new customer and receive a
Gift Card More Means More... The Left Bank Loyalty V.I.P. Membership
Access Card Andrea rojas 482835678 Motivate Excite Left Bank Personal Selling
Display team will change store displays

Social Media
Bloggers and all social media outlets introduce the collection and the customer interactivity features.
“LB Style”
Introduce “your own personal shopper”
Available online, i-phone app or in the LB evening wear department. It will ask specific questions such as, occasion, age, style, body type and color preferences.
Launch of the LB blog, which has interviews, behind the scenes, runways, inspiration pictures & employees’ involvement (contests, questions) In- Store Display "LB Style" www.LBFashionista.com Phase Three Left Bank The Launch "Reddish-Rose" Introducing... Eveningwear "Reddish-Rose" Phase Three Left Bank Phase Mailer Card. Look Book. "Amethist Lilac" Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles- Miami – New York –San Francisco "Reddish-Rose" Phase Four Left Bank The Launch "Allnatt - Orquid" Look Book. Phase Mailer Card. Phase Five Left Bank The Launch "Carat - Aster" Look Book. Phase Mailer Card. Phase Five Phase Four Introducing... Eveningwear. "Alnatt - Orquid" Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles- Miami – New York – San Francisco "Allnat - Orquid" Introducing... Eveningwear. " Carat - Aster" Boston- Chicago- Los Angeles - Miami – New York –San Francisco "Carat - Aster" Autumn October- November Winter December-February Spring March-May Summer June - August
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