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Chloroquine (Malaria Drug)

No description

Riley Sullivan

on 1 June 2017

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Transcript of Chloroquine (Malaria Drug)

Chloroquine (Malaria Drug)
By Riley Sullivan
90% of Malaria cases acuure in Sub-Saharan Africa. Dont have enough money for Chloroquine
3000 children die form Malara
everyday there is not enough Chloroquine to help all of them
More than 40% of population live in Malaria risk areas

Natural Product Chloroquine came from
Cinchona tree native to the Andes in South America.
The bark from the tree is skinned and used
The use of this Product and The Effect on Society
Chloroquine is used to treat symptoms before getting Malaria such as

The impact that Chloroquine has on today’s society is that the drug helps keep people with Malaria like symptoms healthy. This drug is the first line treatment for most countries suffering from Malaria

Molecular Structure
Cinchona tree
Could help people who have malaria like symptoms
Drug to help people who are sick
Have plenty of resources to use to make this drug

90% effective on body if used correctly for the right amount of time
Malaria drug
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